Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News | The American Conservative

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Intelligence agencies, as Peters’ letter suggests, are beyond reproach because they help root out the traitors in our midst. Raising doubts about the veracity of an intelligence chief, moreover, jeopardizes the functioning of Peters’ America, which requires a powerful centralized state and unquestioning obedience to power. What distinguishes this arrangement from a fascist regime is the purpose for which it exists. Unlike the fascist state, which preserves and expands the historic nation, neoconservative Peters views the U.S. as a propositional nation that incorporates and spreads democracy and equality. Because of this lofty mission, which makes us exceptional, we are also allowed to play games that are forbidden to other countries. In fact, we would be guilty of “moral relativism,” warned Peters, if we failed to use nuclear weapons against North Korea during a military crisis.

Source: Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News | The American Conservative

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