MacArthur Foundation Kicked Out Of Russia

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Big bad Vlad strikes again! After 20 years of making grants to Russian subversives, er, “human rights” ™ groups, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation of PBS funding fame is no longer welcome in Russia. Under a law, signed by Putin months ago, “undesirable” foreign entities can be restricted or expelled. The MacArthur Foundation has just been fingered, and  Sulzberger’s Slimes doesn’t like it — not one bit! Since setting up shop during the misrule of the drunken fool Boris Yeltsin, the felonious foundation, based in Chicago, has awarded $173 million in grants in Russia since 1992. The grants financed activities related to “higher education” (brainwashing of Russian students), “human rights” ™ (funding for anti-Putin agitators) and limiting the proliferation of nuclear weapons (de-clawing and de-fanging of the Russian Bear).

Source: MacArthur Foundation Kicked Out Of Russia

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