How John Bolton Wants to Destroy the Constitution to Attack North Korea

In other words, Bolton is not arguing that North Korea is in fact about to attack us. Rather, he contends that it is legal for a country to attack another if the second country may soon possess the ability to attack the former with nuclear weapons. But this would obviously mean that it’s legitimate for Kim Jong Un to attack the nuclear-armed U.S., particularly after Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea at the United Nations in September. Indeed, by Bolton’s standard, it would also be okay for any country on earth to immediately nuke the U.S.

Source: How John Bolton Wants to Destroy the Constitution to Attack North Korea

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  1. President Trump made a negative decision in appointing John Bolton as secretary of state. He’s a warmonger, a neo-con and a devoted supporter of Israel, that will use the United States to further their geological conquest in the Middle East. He has no allegiance to the United States and our Constitution and presently occupies the fourth powerful office to succession to the Presidency. He’s a ” clear and present ” danger to America. Wake-up President Trump!!!

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