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Hundreds of thousands of Kurds, Syriac Christians and Arabs are fleeing Turkey’s bombs and ground forces that include hardcore Islamist ‘rebels.’

Those terrified families have nowhere to run. The US has thrown them to the wolves and openly betrayed the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), leaving its military’s comrades-in-arms in the battle against Daesh to certain death at the hands of the second biggest army in NATO.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was not given a green light to ethnically cleanse a great swathe of the northern Syrian border and to exterminate Kurdish YPG fighters for the purpose of resettling up to two million Syrian refugees. His contention rings hollow.

The US troop withdrawal from the area was announced after a lengthy phone call between President Trump and Erdogan allegedly catching the Pentagon as well as many of Trump’s advisers on the hop, not to mention US allies.

I’ve been debating with several geopolitically astute individuals in recent days who suspect Trump’s decision was made in Israel’s favour in keeping with a grand neoconservative/Israeli plan to carve up the Middle East into manageable bite-sized entities but that premise doesn’t fly in this particular instance when America’s unorthodox commander-in-chief alters his positions according to his prevailing mood with little consideration of complexities or consequences.

More likely, the US president chose to do his Turkish buddy a favour while diverting the media from his troubles at home and at the same time hoping to attract voters by bringing their boys home. Reports suggest that US troops remaining in the area are disturbed at being told to look the other way.

Source: Global condemnation fails to halt Turkish invasion | Intrepid

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