China-Russia Joint Statement Reveals Disinformation on Strategic Arms – Bill Gertz

A joint statement issued last month by the leaders of China and Russia reveals growing strategic cooperation between the two nations and their disinformation themes targeting the United States.

The June 5 joint statement was signed in Moscow following a summit between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The statement calls for China and Russia “to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in national security policies” and blames the United States for undermining arms control and strategic stability since 2001.

A U.S. intelligence official said the statement affirming increased strategic cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is a masterpiece of disinformation designed to divert attention from both states’ rapid development of nuclear weapons and new and exotic delivery systems.

Source: China-Russia Joint Statement Reveals Disinformation on Strategic Arms

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  1. What a farce coming from a military industrial complex of USA Inc. The jesters of genocide and WWII mass killings, murder Inc… the FDR-Churchill-Stalin crowd…. Rabbis are us and the fulcrums of the victors write history as though they don’t have 800 military bases around the world to keep these psychopaths in power!

    HERE THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK! Minds that are controlled by the Israeli Sanhedrin and the Knesset of money… Wall street brokerage houses, the deck is stacked for the casino Madoff crowd… backed by the latter… Goyim slaves who are under the rule of Rothschildren and The World bank of international settlements… This is the least common denominator, the rest is disinformation and hubris! The blackmailed congress of the USA, money fiat ink and evil hegemony of the international world bank of settlements they let rule them!
    We are not free, and censorship is not just a new thing… history is censorship to keep the masses playing at a war that will never end.. and the propaganda in not from China and Russia, but from Is-unreal and the stacked supreme court of the land that overturns the constitution of our wise but maligned forefathers, that knew the shithole trap of the usurers and their crowed of slave owners and self-rigorous inbreeds that use slight of hand and tongue to confound the masses.

    Mueller is one of them… he’s not senile, he is one of them, the elite of the Sanhedrin crowd, bought and paid for by collusion and mafia style silence or be silenced… His integrity is suspect to the evil he does. CFR, Trilateral commission, ADL bootlicker sycophant stooge of the latter. Or he has been blackmailed to disseminate the disinformation we all question??? The run around fake everything ball under the cup illusion… Magicians are us, tell the lie that everyone believes to be true!!!

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