Mueller’s Auxiliaries: Left-wing Attorneys General Pile on Trump – William F. Jasper

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“We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well,” New York state’s Attorney General-elect Letitia James (shown) told NBC News in her first extensive interview since she was elected in November.

James, a far-left Democrat who has long been associated with the radical Working Families Party and the Communist Party USA, says she plans to launch sweeping investigations into President Donald Trump, his family, and “anyone” in his circle who may have violated the law once she takes office in January.

James is but one of the many extreme-left Democrat attorneys general, governors, mayors, congressmen, and other elected officials who have openly announced their intentions to obstruct President Donald Trump by any means they deem necessary.

Source: Mueller’s Auxiliaries: Left-wing Attorneys General Pile on Trump

Mueller Indictments: “Smoking Gun” or “Exoneration”?

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In truth, the most dangerous attack on the American Republic (and we are, after all, republic, not a democracy) is coming not from Putin’s Russia but from globalist Republicans and Democrats, most especially including Hillary Clinton, who have been colluding with Russia and pocketing huge payoffs from Putin & Company since long before Trump threw his hat into the political ring. Like the thief who tries to make his escape by yelling “Thief!” while pointing to someone else, the Obama-Clinton-Comey-Mueller-Rosenstein cabal and their political and media confreres will continue pointing at Trump and yelling “Collusion!” unless (and until) they are themselves brought to the bar of justice.

Source: Mueller Indictments: “Smoking Gun” or “Exoneration”?

OECD Calls for Higher Energy Taxes “To Address Climate Change”

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“Governments should make better use of energy taxation to address climate change,” declares a press statement issued on February 14 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Translation: The OECD is pushing for still higher carbon taxes —

• despite the fact that the OECD countries — especially those within the European Union — already pay some of the highest energy taxes in the world;

• despite the fact that there has been no measurable global warming in 20 years;

• despite the fact that carbon taxes and skyrocketing energy prices are causing businesses to flee Europe and other OECD economies; and

• despite the fact that EU’s phony “clean energy” agenda has made EU countries more dependent on Russia and other foreign energy producers.

Source: OECD Calls for Higher Energy Taxes “To Address Climate Change”

Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

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“Since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration a year ago, a war has raged within the White House between ‘nationalists and globalists,’” writes Stewart M. Patrick, in his blog post for January 26 entitled, “Trump at Davos: Nationalism, Globalism, and American Sovereignty.” A nationalist vs. globalist war is indeed raging, as we have been reporting in The New American, and not only in the White House. Patrick, to be sure, is on the side of the globalists. His blog, The Internationalist, is an official propaganda fount for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he works as the James H. Binger senior fellow in global governance and director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program. He is a leading voice for the globalist CFR presidium that has dominated every administration, whether Democrat or Republican, since World War II.

Source: Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

Trump: “Americanism, Not Globalism, Will Be Our Credo”

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“Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States.” Thus Donald J. Trump greeted the delegates of the Republican National Convention — and his worldwide television audience — Thursday night, at the finale of the four-day political marathon in Cleveland, Ohio. His address, reportedly the longest convention acceptance speech in four decades (for a Republican or Democratic candidate), did not aim at presenting a softer, more “nuanced,” and “presidential” persona, as many analysts had predicted and/or recommended. The message of “The Donald” did not waiver from the core issues of his “Make America Great Again” campaign theme: out-of-control illegal immigration, destructive trade deals, a calamitous foreign policy, an imploding economy, historic unemployment, skyrocketing violent crime, an escalating terrorist threat, and rampant political corruption.

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