Lindsey Graham’s Blank Check. Why a Defense Agreement With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

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In September 1939, World War II began when Great Britain and France came to the assistance of Poland after the German Army invaded, fulfilling a “guarantee” made in March of that year. What was a regional war, and one that might have been resolved through diplomacy, became global.

One would think that after such commitments were assessed by historians as the immediate causes of two world wars, no one would ever consider going down that road again. But that would be reckoning without Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who has been calling for a “defense treaty” with Israel since last April. In his most recent foray, Graham announced late in July that he is seeking bipartisan support for providing “blank check” assurances to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is hoping to be able to push a complete defense treaty through the Senate by next year.

In making his several announcements on the subject, Graham has been acting as a front man for both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and also for The Jewish Institute for the National Security of America (JINSA), which wrote the basic document that is being used to promote the treaty and then enlisted Graham to obtain congressional support.

Source: Lindsey Graham’s Blank Check. Why a Defense Agreement With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

The New York Times’ propaganda war on Syria | Intrepid – Stephen Lendman

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On major issues mattering most, especially geopolitical ones, the NYT is a lying machine, a propaganda machine, an anti-truth telling operation, a virtual state-sponsored ministry of deception, masquerading as real news, information and opinion.

Whenever the US wages preemptive wars of aggression on nonbelligerent states threatening no one, or in their run-up, the Times cheerleads high crimes of war and against humanity instead of denouncing them.

It consistently and repeatedly blames victims of US aggression for high crimes committed against them—Syria one of numerous examples of its abandonment of journalism the way it should be for disinformation, Big Lies and fake news.

Source: The New York Times’ propaganda war on Syria | Intrepid

When, If Ever, Can We Lay This Burden Down? – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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Is it too soon to ask: What have we gained from our longest war? Was all the blood and treasure invested worth it? And what does the future hold?

Friday, President Donald Trump met in New Jersey with his national security advisers and envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who is negotiating with the Taliban to bring about peace, and a U.S. withdrawal from America’s longest war.

U.S. troops have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, in a war that has cost 2,400 American lives.

Following the meeting, Trump tweeted, “Many on the opposite sides of this 19 year war, and us, are looking to make a deal — if possible!”

Source: When, If Ever, Can We Lay This Burden Down? – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Tulsi Gabbard Gets Some Vindication – Truthdig – Scott Ritter

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In the aftermath of the second Democratic primary debate on July 31, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard emerged as the most Googled of all candidates, an indication that her performance (which included a stunning takedown of California Sen. Kamala Harris over her criminal justice record) attracted the attention of many viewers. This heightened level of attention produced blowback, both from Harris, who dismissed Gabbard as “an Assad apologist” (a reference to Syrian President Bashar Assad), and from the mainstream media, typified by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who alleged that Gabbard—a major in the Hawaiian National Guard, with two tours of duty in the Middle East under her belt—is taking the side of Assad over the U.S. intelligence community and U.N. inspectors when it comes to assigning blame for chemical weapons attacks against Syrian civilians.

“What you are referring to are [sic] cynicism as skepticism that I have expressed, because I’ve served in a war that was caused by people who lied to us, who lied to the American people, who presented false evidence that members of Congress and U.S. senators believed and voted for a war that resulted in the loss of lives of over 4,000 of my brothers and sisters in uniform,” Gabbard replied to Cuomo. “It’s our responsibility as lawmakers and as leaders in this country to make sure that our U.S. military is not being activated and deployed to go to war unless we are certain a) that it serves the best interests of the American people; and b) that that action will actually have a positive impact. The questions I’m raising are based on this experience that I’ve had.”

Source: Tulsi Gabbard Gets Some Vindication

On second thought – John Kaminski

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Uninformed, misled, hungry, and victims of a depraved public relations campaign, we were the bad guys who ultimately believed the lies that resulted in 60 million dead people.

World War II (1941-45). Three Jewish-controlled countries — England, U.S., USSR — pulverizing a sincere Christian nation attempting to escape the fatal embrace of the Jewish world bank, which by now, 75 years later, throttles the whole world with its ruthless exploitation of money, perpetually squeezing the life out of humans and other lifeforms.

Many people know Franklin Roosevelt’s oil embargo baited Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor to start WW2. The setup was to get Germany to declare war on the U.S., because Germany and Japan were allies pledged to defend each other from Wall Street capitalism, which had eviscerated Germany in WW1.

Source: On second thought

Serious Or Satire? UK Media Urges “Give War A Chance” | Zero Hedge

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Well, the latest example, surprisingly enough, comes from the UK, where local writers’ mastery of the art of satire has been widely regarded for centuries.

At a time when tensions are already running high (thanks to that whole Brexit debacle), journalist Rod Liddle published a column in the Sunday Times where he argued that it might be time for the UK to start another war. But this time, not with one of its European neighbors (that would presumably be far too easy).

Instead, Liddle writes, the UK should consider a more challenging adversary like China as its target for aggression. Two nuclear powers going head to head? How bad could it possibly get?

Source: Serious Or Satire? UK Media Urges “Give War A Chance” | Zero Hedge

Military Strength Is Our National Religion – Original – William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt

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After almost 18 years of the war (or rather wars) on (or perhaps of) terror, there’s some good news! The Washington Post reports that American troops are finally coming home from Afghanistan! Actually, let me amend that slightly. They will only come home if Taliban and U.S. negotiators complete a deal by September that leads to a countrywide ceasefire (and if the Taliban agrees to certain other conditions as well). In fact, let me amend that one more time: “they” turns out to refer to the withdrawal of just about 5,000 U.S. military personnel, leaving 8,000-9,000 U.S. troops still in place after “peace” breaks out.

For Donald Trump who, years ago, repeatedly demanded that the Afghan War be ended and all American troops brought home, only to agree in mid-2017 to dispatch another 4,000 of them to that land, such a peace pact would just return U.S. troop levels to more or less what they were at that moment two years ago. In the age of Trump, that, I suppose, is the definition of “progress” in America’s never-ending wars. Perhaps you won’t be surprised to also learn that, according to the Post, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General Austin Miller, is “open” to such a peace proposal precisely “because he believes it would protect U.S. interests by maintaining a counterterrorism force that can strike the Islamic State and al-Qaeda.” If one were to turn this into a riddle, it might go something like: When is a Trumpian withdrawal hardly a withdrawal at all?

Source: Military Strength Is Our National Religion – Original

China, Not Russia, the Greater Threat – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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China steals our intellectual property via cybertheft, forces U.S. companies in China to transfer technology, hacks our computers, dumps into our markets to put U.S. companies out of business, subsidizes state-owned enterprises to compete with U.S. firms, manipulates its currency, and, despite our protests, ships to the USA the fentanyl drug that has become a major killer of Americans.

Such practices have enabled China to run up annual trade surpluses of $300 billion to $400 billion at our expense, and, says Navarro, have caused the loss of 70,000 factories and 5 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

Moreover, China has used the accumulated wealth of its huge trade surpluses to finance its drive for hegemony in Asia and beyond.

Source: China, Not Russia, the Greater Threat – Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Tulsi Gabbard’s Road to Damascus | The American Conservative – Scott Ritter

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Kamala Harris and the other Democratic candidates would do well to take note of the following reality—if the U.S. goes to war in Syria, Iran, North Korea, or elsewhere, Tulsi alone among her colleagues could be called upon to serve on the front line. 

“The Congresswoman [Gabbard] is the most qualified and prepared candidate to serve as Commander in Chief, which I believe is the most important responsibility of the President,” Senator Mike Gravel, a Democrat who represented Alaska in the Senate from 1969 through 1981, noted in his letter endorsing Tulsi for president. Gravel, an Army veteran, is perhaps most famous for placing the Pentagon Papers in the public record in 1971. A popular progressive voice for peace, his endorsement should not be taken lightly. Kamala Harris should take note.

Source: Tulsi Gabbard’s Road to Damascus  | The American Conservative

Japan’s Military Rebuilding Rapidly – American Free Press

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Japan is now the world’s fourth most powerful military, due in part to President Donald Trump’s insistence when he took office that countries that previously relied on the U.S. to shoulder their defense costs had to begin paying their way.

It did not mean that if Japan were to be attacked that it could not rely on U.S. support. Instead, it was a signal from Trump of a U.S. policy change that was privately welcomed in Tokyo because it provided impetus for the country’s leaders to argue that, as tensions with China increased in the East China Sea and across the Pacific, Japan had to play a greater role in defending itself. Japan had, however, been gradually rebuilding its military without much fanfare. Therefore, Trump’s intervention sped up the process.

Source: Japan’s Military Rebuilding Rapidly – American Free Press

Know-nothing Americans | Intrepid – Stephen Lendman

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Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed know-nothings on planet earth—despite around 80% of US households having Internet access, making it easy to stay informed with minimal effort.

Manipulated by the power of state-sponsored and go-along establishment media propaganda, Americans are ignorant about geopolitical and other major issues affecting their lives and welfare.

It’s why both right wings of the US war party get away with ravaging one country after another—while the FBI and police nationwide operate with impunity as enforcers for powerful interests, grievously breaching the rights of ordinary people.

Reality is clear. The US already is a police state because of repressive laws overwhelmingly passed by Congress, supported by the executive and federal courts.

Source: Know-nothing Americans | Intrepid

Hiroshima: A “Military Base” according to President Harry Truman – Centre for Research on Globalization – Michel Chossudovsky

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The dangers of nuclear war are not an object of debate and analysis by the mainstream media.

Public opinion is carefully misled. ” All options on the table”.  Nuclear weapons are portrayed as peace-making bombs.

Did you know that tactical nuclear weapons or so-called mininukes with an explosive capacity between one third and six times a Hiroshima bomb are considered, according to scientific opinion, on contract to the Pentagon as “harmless to the surrounding civilian population because the explosion is underground”.

It’s a lie.

The US has a vast nuclear arsenal capable of blowing up the planet several times.

The World commemorates the 73nd anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6, 9, 1945)

Source: Hiroshima: A “Military Base” according to President Harry Truman – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

A Nuclear Weapons Treaty Died Today | The American Conservative – Scott Ritter

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Today, August 2, more than 31 years of history comes to an end, as the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty officially expires.

For many, its death is little more than the passing of an antiquated agreement whose time long ago passed. The landmark arms control treaty broke new ground when it was signed in December 1987, eliminating two classes of nuclear missiles and engendering stability in Europe. It also put the U.S. and the Soviet Union on the path towards larger and more meaningful cuts in their respective strategic nuclear arsenals. 

The collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991 and the emergence of a weakened Russia struggling with a shattered economy and political uncertainty brought an end to the sense of urgency over arms reductions. And decades later, confronted by a resurgent Russia accused of violating the restrictions imposed by the treaty, as well as the nuclear arsenals of China, Pakistan, and others never subjected to constraints, what had been a foundational agreement became little more than a legal impediment to U.S. security interests. So when President Trump announced that he would be withdrawing from the INF Treaty in October 2018, few understood the implications of his decision. 

Source: A Nuclear Weapons Treaty Died Today | The American Conservative

The Democratic Party’s AIPAC candidates | Intrepid – Eric Zuesse

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris might as well be Israelis, though they’re both running for the presidency of America.

The PAC (officially a “lobbying organization”) called AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee, instead of “American Israel Political Action Committee”) represents some American Jews and Christian evangelicals—it represents the ones who place Israel’s government above America’s government, and who, therefore, lobby the U.S. Congress for continuation of the $3.8 billion per year that America’s taxpayers, of all faiths and beliefs, must continue to pay to fund Israel’s annual purchases of weaponry from Lockheed Martin and other U.S. weapons-makers, a welfare program for America’s armaments-firms and for the billionaires who own them. And it’s welfare also for the taxpayers of Israel, who don’t have to pay that $3.8 billion per year to fund those purchases, of American weapons, to use against Palestinians, and against Syrians, and against Iranians—against Israel’s enemies, perhaps, but certainly not against America’s enemies. It’s instead for this particular enemy of America, an enemy not only because Israel is an apartheid state (which is supposed to be unAmerican), and not only because this apartheid state sucks $3.8 billion each year out of America’s taxpayers, but also because Israel is militarily an enemy of Americans—see this, for example; and also because the hostility that America’s subservience to Israel produces, throughout the Islamic world, is an even bigger loss for the American people, though America’s billionaires don’t lose anything, at all, from it—and the ones who invest in firms such as Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil gain considerably from it. But are those corporations America?

Source: The Democratic Party’s AIPAC candidates | Intrepid

Foreign Policy Betrayal of America

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Very little has changed when it comes to the elites who control public policy. Foreign affairs have been shaped by an un-American tribe of Judas’ who seek to rule over real patriots. America has been systematically sold out for well over a century by deviants of our culture, economics, politics and especially religion. A legitimate foreign policy, above all, needs to protect our own country and her own people. Abdicating those responsibilities to benefit Israel is treason. Regretfully, most of the populace is so afraid of being labeled an anti-Semitic that they eagerly suspend rational thinking to be a kosher supporter.

Source: Foreign Policy Betrayal of America


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Among the historical files is a 1915 private letter in which TR criticizes President Woodrow Wilson’s policy of “neutrality” regarding World War I. Of course, regular readers of the ANYT should all know by now that Wilson’s early “pacifism” was fake. Evidently, ex-President Teddy did not know at the time that Wilson’s handlers were waiting until after the back-room Zionist-British verbal deal to steal Palestine was made — and after Wilson’s November 1916 re-election was completed — to join the European bloodbath. In the letter, TR also reveals his contempt for the millions of German-Americans who sympathized with Germany in its purely, 100% defensive war (started in August, 1914) against the aggressive British-French-Russian alliance.

Excerpted from the February 12, 1915 letter, which the Slimes’ web version linked us to:
“My dear Cecil. Do not feel too badly over things. I am bitterly humiliated over what this administration has done. I am not merely humiliated, but profoundly angered by the attitude of the professional German-Americans. But don’t forget, there are lots of Americans of German descent who do not sympathize with these men….. who are emphatically against Germany in this fight and resent being called German-Americans. When a President misleads us as Wilson has done, some very good people tend to follow him.”

“Cecil” is Sir Cecil Arthur Spring Rice — a diplomat who served as Britain’s Ambassador to the United States from 1912 to 1918.


Middle East a Cauldron of Horror

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As-salamu alaykum (the peace be upon you (plural) and Shalom (peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and tranquility) may have different nuances but both express a similar intent of goodwill. In reality, not much benevolent friendship exists in the eternal cauldron of Semitic hatred. Genetic and blood feuds have proliferated throughout history, but the foremost difference in this ongoing struggle is that the prospects of initiating a nuclear holocaust are reaching a meltdown radiation level. Human comprehension of the actual devastation from a nuclear strike, much less an all out exchange of warheads cannot be understood by playing a video game or watching a media presentation.

Source: Middle East a Cauldron of Horror

China Outlines Space War Plans – Bill Gertz

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China’s strategy for developing advanced space weapons were disclosed this week in Beijing’s first defense white paper issued in years.

The defense strategy report produced by the People’s Liberation Army was made public Wednesday and drops earlier veiled references by bluntly identifying the United States as Beijing’s main adversary that is undermining world peace.

The report—part policy statement and part propaganda—also claims the United States seeks “absolute military superiority.”

“The U.S. has adjusted its national security and defense strategies, and adopted unilateral policies,” the report said. “It has provoked and intensified competition among major countries, significantly increased its defense expenditure, pushed for additional capacity in nuclear, outer space, cyber and missile defense, and undermined global strategic stability.”

Source: China Outlines Space War Plans

PEPE ESCOBAR: US and Iran Stuck on Negotiation Ground Zero – Consortiumnews

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Trump once again flip-flopped by declaring that the prospect of a potential war in the Persian Gulf “could go either way, and I’m OK either way it goes,” much to the delight of Beltway-related psychopaths who peddle the notion that Iran is begging to be bombed.

No wonder the whole Global South – not to mention the Russia-China strategic partnership – simply cannot trust anything coming from Trump’s mouth or tweets, a non-stop firefight deployed as intimidation tactics.

At least Trump’s impotence facing such a determined adversary as Iran is now clear: “It’s getting harder for me to want to make a deal with Iran.” What remains are empty clichés, such as Iran “behaving very badly” and “the number one state of terror in the world” – the marching order mantra emanating from Tel Aviv.

Source: PEPE ESCOBAR: US and Iran Stuck on Negotiation Ground Zero – Consortiumnews

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