Memo From Middle America: Fox’s Tucker Carlson Channels | – Mexico’s Meddling Far Exceeds Russia’s

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Earlier by Allan Wall: Forget Supposed Russian Meddling—Why Is Flagrant Mexican Meddling Ignored By Our Political Class?

Anyone who has glanced a newspaper in the last two years knows Russian meddling is a big issue for the Never Trumpers. Globalist neocon Max Boot—who announced that the The Republican Party is dead is dead in the LA Times, May 8, 2016 and quit the party the day after Donald Trump won [I left the Republican Party. Now I want Democrats to take over, by Max Boot, Washington Post, July 4, 2018] has flatly stated that Trump needed the Russians to win.

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Why They Hate Tucker Carlson – Original

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No one is allowed to dissent from the official Establishment line: that’s the new dispensation in the media, and it is being enforced by the political class, which has launched a series of smear campaigns against anyone who dares question the conventional wisdom. Anyone who questions the veracity of the media, starting with our President, is deemed an “enemy of democracy,” because the media is supposed to be the foundation stone of a free society.

But what happens when the media becomes an instrument in the hands of Power, a weapon in the arsenal of a Deep State intent on exercising its veto over our democratically elected government?

That’s a question fake-“libertarian” Conor Friedersdorf doesn’t want you to even contemplate. Why? Because then, like Tucker Carlson, you’d be “hurting America.” That’s right, folks: “Tucker Carlson is Hurting America Again”! Yes, again!

Source: Why They Hate Tucker Carlson – Original

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