Brexit Supporters Ridiculed by Globalist Fake News Media – American Free Press – S.T. Patrick

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With another Brexit deadline extended, moving from April 12 to Oct. 31, British politicians, the European Union (EU), and the global media now have more time to pressure Brits into either staying in the EU (thus cancelling Brexit or re-voting) or brokering a Brexit agreement favorable to the globalist interests that control the EU. One step below predicting the biblical apocalypse, the British and U.S. media have both prophesied the most dire gloom-and-doom situations imaginable for those still supporting a “Hard Brexit,” leaving the European Union with no entangling agreements or alliances.

Within the anti-Brexit press, the terminology has also become more divisive. Those supporting British sovereignty were once innocuously called “Brexiters” or “Brexiteers.” That devolved into “Leavers.” Having to paint supporters of the “Leave” campaign as dangerous enemies of the state, they are now referred to widely as “Brextremists,” a combination of Brexit and extremist.

Source: Brexit Supporters Ridiculed by Globalist Fake News Media – American Free Press

Theresa May’s Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades | One America News Network – Guy Faulconbridge and Costas Pitas

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“The proposed second reading of the WAB is clearly doomed to failure so there really is no point wasting any more time on the prime minister’s forlorn hope of salvation. She’s got to go,” Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker, told Reuters.

“It’s now clear that the overwhelming majority of the parliamentary party, the voluntary party and the electorate now agree. She has to go.”

He is one of many Conservatives to reject the deal, something that has driven other leadership contenders hoping to replace May to also oppose the agreement. Boris Johnson, the bookmakers’ favorite to be Britain’s next prime minister, said he would not vote for it.

Source: Theresa May’s Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades | One America News Network

Brexit Chaos as War of the Elites Against Brit Independence Intensifies – William F. Jasper 

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A series of confusing votes and a chaotic welter of parliamentary maneuvers over the past several days have left a muddled picture concerning where Britain now stands on Brexit. After voting to reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s treaty deal with the European Union, which was widely viewed as a sellout of Brexit, Parliament then turned around and voted against a “no deal Brexit,” meaning they rejected the “Just Leave!” option favored by many Brexiteers that would involve simply departing from the EU without an agreement. The votes were cynical exercises in political expediency. Pro-Remain Members of Parliament in both Conservative and Labour parties hoped the first vote would help them escape the wrath of Britain’s pro-Brexit voters, while the second vote would actually scuttle any real Brexit. The votes have now left them with the options of either: 1) hoping for yet a new Theresa May-EU deal (even though the EU bosses have ruled out any further negotiations); extending the March 29 Brexit deadline; holding a new referendum on Brexit, or; simply remaining in the EU. The Europhile Remainers prefer any of the above to a clean Brexit, which they have constantly demonized as an irresponsible “crashing out,” “no-deal” Brexit that would be (they claim) calamitous for Britain’s security and prosperity.

Nick Boles, a pro-EU Conservative Party Member of Parliament and one of May’s Remainer allies, let it be known on March 12 that he was hellbent on stopping a clean Brexit.

Source: Brexit Chaos as War of the Elites Against Brit Independence Intensifies

UK Furious After EU’s Tusk Says There Is “A Special Place In Hell” For Those Who Backed Brexit | Zero Hedge

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In a remark that provoked an outraged response in the British press, European Council President Donald Tusk lashed out at Brexiteers in Parliament (and all those who supported the ‘vote Leave’ campaign, saying he wonders what the “special place in hell” looks like for all those “who promoted Brexit” without “even the sketch of a plan” to see it through “safely”, according to RT.

Tusk uttered the remark during a press conference in Brussels alongside Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, where Tusk reiterated the EU’s position that the Withdrawal Agreement will not be reopened, and said that he hopes Theresa May, who is expected to travel to Brussels later this week, comes with “realistic” expectations.

Source: UK Furious After EU’s Tusk Says There Is “A Special Place In Hell” For Those Who Backed Brexit | Zero Hedge

Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Goes Down in Flames; Brexit Future Unclear – James Murphy

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Nigel Farage, former leader of the U.K. Independence Party and one of the main voices in favor of Brexit, called today’s result “A catastrophic failure of leadership by Theresa May. If she has any sense of honor, then she will resign.”

Back in 2016, it seemed so simple. Now that globalist politicians have been fumbling over Brexit for the past two and a half years, it’s become a far greater mess than it ever had to be. While no-confidence votes and changing governments over the next few weeks and months will complicate things further, the answer still remains clear: A no-deal Brexit is the only thing that will allow for a fresh start. Great Britain can then negotiate its trade deals for itself. On its own terms.

Source: Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Goes Down in Flames; Brexit Future Unclear

Will “No Deal” Brexit Cause “Horrible Chaos” as Globalist Elites Claim? – William F. Jasper

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has wasted the better part of two years in pointless “negotiations” with EU officials who let it be known from the start that they were unwilling to yield on any of the important points that May claimed to be negotiating. Now, with less than 100 days left until the March 29 deadline that May imposed, she insists that she will still be negotiating for better terms during the Christmas break. She also is, she says, cranking up emergency preparations for a “no deal exit,” in case she fails to win the concessions from the EU that will help her win approval from Parliament for her fake Brexit deal in January. Miracles do happen, but it is highly unlikely that the Almighty will bless her with one for her deceptive and ill-conceived agreement.

Thus, the Project Fear II propaganda campaign is in full swing, as globalists try to scare British voters into reversing Brexit, the 2016 referendum decision to exit the European Union. It is a replay of Project Fear, the fright-peddling scheme of then-Prime Minister David Cameron and a vast array of the great and the good (President Obama, Angela Merkel, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, the New York TimesFinancial TimesWall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Bank of England, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, etc.,) that warned if British voters approved the Brexit, the results would nothing less than apocalyptic. The sky would fall, markets would crash, currencies would collapse, the Great Depression would return, riots would ensue — and on and on. (For our coverage of Project Fear see hereherehere, and here.)

Source: Will “No Deal” Brexit Cause “Horrible Chaos” as Globalist Elites Claim?

Brexit: Theresa May Goes Greek!, by Brett Redmayne -Titley – The Unz Review

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Presidents, prime ministers, congresspersons and parliamentarians worldwide regularly negate the democratic will of their nation’s voters by refusing to support legitimate election results. Strangely, their treasonous actions continue without serious reprisal or punishment by the voter. This emboldens them. The reality of votes cast and “democracy” past does not does bode well for the people of the United Kingdom, their future as a nation or their hopeful return to sovereignty once called, “Brexit.”

While the name has not changed; the definition certainly has.

It has become all too easy for democracy to be turned on its head and popular nationalist mandates, referenda and elections negated via instant political hypocrisy by leaders who show their true colours only after the public vote. So it has been within the two-and-a-half year unraveling of the UK Brexit referendum of 2016 that saw the subsequent negotiations now provide the Brexit voter with only three possibilities. All are a loss for Britain.

Source: Brexit: Theresa May Goes Greek!, by Brett Redmayne-Titley – The Unz Review

Democracy Is Sacred – Except When It Isn’t – Original – Justin Raimondo

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On both sides of the Atlantic the regnant elites have launched a furious regime change campaign not all that different from the ones they started in the former Soviet republics. The formula seems to go like this: hold an election in which the full resources of the EU states and their upper classes are brought to bear on one side of the question. Vilify dissenters as more than likely agents of Vladimir Putin.

On the British side the government of Prime Minister Theresa May, which has been all along pretending to be in favor the people’s decision to leave the EU, has effectively sabotaged the process with so many exceptions, amendments, other concessions to Brussels that they might as well have stayed in.

Shocked by their defeat, the Remainers have been scheming and plotting and demand a new election – and are presumably willing to keep voting until they get the “right” result.

Source: Democracy Is Sacred – Except When It Isn’t – Original

Theresa May: Betray, Delay, Fritter the Brexit Victory Away – William F. Jasper

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Prime Minister May’s Brexit sellout is no surprise; The New American predicted it more than two years ago. Now, as she campaigns to promote the betrayal, will independence-minded Tories force her resignation?

After dragging her feet for more than two years, British Prime Minister Theresa May has brought forth a faux Brexit deal that is outraging not only citizens that had voted for Britain to leave the European Union, but also members of Parliament on both sides of the issue.

May faced a torrent of scorching criticism Monday from members of her own Conservative Party, as she attempted to defend her Brexit agreement during a bruising three-hour session with the House of Commons. Brexiteers in the Conservtive Party, as well as in the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) have been referring to it as BRINO — BRexit In Name Only — and are denouncing it as a complete sellout to the Eurocrats in Brussels. No matter the positive spin PM May tried to put on it, the deal is obviously a colossal capitulation to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the globalist powers that be.

Source: Theresa May: Betray, Delay, Fritter the Brexit Victory Away

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