Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads – Alex Newman

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Following the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown), governments across Europe and beyond are refusing to join a controversial United Nations agreementaiming to accelerate mass immigration into the West. Basically, under the UN plan, migration and taxpayer-funded benefits are to be transformed into a “human right,” while governments crack down on criticism. But on December 5, Slovakian and Bulgarian authorities followed Austria, Israel, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and other free nations in announcing that they would not be signing up to the UN scheme. The growing list of defections comes just before the start of a key UN migration summit set to open next week in Marrakesh, Morocco. Globalists are outraged at the resistance. But the list of governments rejecting the plot is expected to keep growing.

In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, public pressure to reject the UN scheme has been growing for weeks. Last week, the Parliament even adopted a resolution urging the government to withdraw. “Slovakia is fully sovereign in defining its own national migration policy,” reads the resolution, adding that the UN Global Compact for Migration was at odds with the nation’s security and migration policy. The resolution also noted that illegal immigration is a negative phenomenon with national security risks. And so, Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini announced that he would send the objections to the UN. Bulgarian authorities also announced this week that they would reject the pact. “At this stage, the Bulgarian government believes that the decision not to join the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration protects to the fullest extent the interests of the country and its citizens,” the government press office said in a statement released on December 5.

Source: Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads

Trump-Putin Summit Brings Out Deep State “Shadow Government” Threats

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Will President Trump’s meeting with Putin lead to a coup by “shadow government” operatives of the CIA, State Department, and other federal agencies and departments? That’s what a former top-level Deep State official ominously seemed to be hinting at — and promoting — in a blistering CNN “analysis.” President Trump’s recent European tour, culminating in his summit with Vladimir Putin, sent the Deep State’s political and media operatives into Trump Derangement Syndrome overdrive. They still have not recovered; the torrent of vituperation they orchestrated and unleashed on President Trump before, during, and after his July 10-16 excursion to London, Brussels, and Helsinki continues to escalate.

In addition to the usual insults claiming the president is stupid, ignorant, arrogant, boorish, bigoted, etc., his incessant and implacable critics have escalated their charges, insisting that his words and actions on the foreign policy tour were not only “disgraceful,” “shameful,” “appalling,” and “dangerous,” but actually — “treasonous.” Yes, more than a few politicos and pundits are invoking the T-word. Talk of treason is in the air, and its not only Representative Maxine “Mad Max” Waters (D-Calif.) and the usual ultra-Left crazies that are hurling the treason epithet. CNN analyst Philip Mudd, a “former” CIA/FBI official who is virulently anti-Trump, went so far as to suggest it is time for the “shadow government” operating inside our official government to initiate a coup to remove President Trump.

Source: Trump-Putin Summit Brings Out Deep State “Shadow Government” Threats

Supreme Court: Government Unions Can’t Collect Dues From Non-members

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While working a summer job during my college days in the paint shop of Halliburton (we had a lot of red and gray paint) in my hometown of Duncan, Oklahoma, I became involved in a conversation with a strong union advocate. I told him that I thought it was wrong for labor unions to get involved in political issues and campaigns, using forced union dues, because often the issues had little to nothing to do with working conditions for their members.

I specifically cited that the unions had supported Senator George McGovern’s presidential campaign in the most recent election, and that he had lost 49 states. Literally millions of union members had not supported the same candidate as the union bosses. That did not matter, he told me, as some workers are just not smart enough to know what is good for them, and the union leaders (such as himself) must protect them from their own ignorance.

Source: Supreme Court: Government Unions Can’t Collect Dues From Non-members

Creepy “World Government Summit” Targets America, Freedom

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Top globalists, communists, and Islamists from around the globe gathered this month on the Arabian Peninsula for the World Government Summit — yes, that is the confab’s real name — to push for what they called a “new world order.” More than a few speakers made clear that liberty, self-government, and the “America First” agenda were in the crosshairs.

Source: Creepy “World Government Summit” Targets America, Freedom

Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

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“Since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration a year ago, a war has raged within the White House between ‘nationalists and globalists,’” writes Stewart M. Patrick, in his blog post for January 26 entitled, “Trump at Davos: Nationalism, Globalism, and American Sovereignty.” A nationalist vs. globalist war is indeed raging, as we have been reporting in The New American, and not only in the White House. Patrick, to be sure, is on the side of the globalists. His blog, The Internationalist, is an official propaganda fount for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he works as the James H. Binger senior fellow in global governance and director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program. He is a leading voice for the globalist CFR presidium that has dominated every administration, whether Democrat or Republican, since World War II.

Source: Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

Roger Stone Calls Out Swamp Creatures in Trump Administration

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In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine, longtime political operative Roger Stone explains that the Deep State swamp infesting the federal government is a threat to America and its liberties. Among the swamp creatures in the Trump administration called out by name is globalist National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, a Bilderberg attendee and a member of the world government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations. “He is a quisling who agrees with nothing Donald Trump says,” Stone explained. Another Deep State operative who should be removed is Rod Rosenstein at the FBI. “The president should fire him,” Stone said. Finally, Trump and Attorney Jeff Sessions should appoint a Special Prosecutor who would investigate the Uranium One scandal. Stone suggested the FBI’s Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and Rosenstein were all implicated in the crimes. “These men are criminals and they covered up treason,” Stone said. “I say, lock them up!”

Source: Roger Stone Calls Out Swamp Creatures in Trump Administration

Alex Jones Scoops Big Media, Releases Secret FISA Document

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Alex Jones and his Infowars internet/radio/TV platform appear to have scored a major coup against the Deep State and the “mainstream” media. On Tuesday, in a sensational series of broadcasts, which included a live interview with legendary National Security Agency whistleblower Dr. William Binney, Jones released a secret intelligence memo that has grabbed the attention of millions of Americans over the past week, despite the fact that most of the Big Media have either downplayed or completely ignored its existence. The classified intelligence memo concerns  skullduggery by President Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI in using the infamous Fusion GPS “dossier” to justify illegal spying on Donald Trump and members of his campaign team. “#ReleaseTheMemo” has been a trending tweet and a rallying cry of Trump supporters over the past several days.

Source: Alex Jones Scoops Big Media, Releases Secret FISA Document

Media Smother Indictment in Clinton-Obama Uranium One Russia Deal

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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, and other top “Deep State” operatives are undoubtedly very nervous about a federal grand jury indictment that was handed down recently. On Friday, January 12, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed an indictment that has the potential to start a chain reaction regarding the long-simmering Uranium One case, which we have been reporting on for several years. The new indictment could lead to the investigation and prosecution of former Secretary of State Hillary C

Source: Media Smother Indictment in Clinton-Obama Uranium One Russia Deal

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