Memo to Trump: Defy Mueller | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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If Donald Trump does not wish to collaborate in the destruction of his presidency, he will refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his malevolent minions.

Should Mueller subpoena him, as he has threatened to do, Trump should ignore the subpoena, and frame it for viewing in Trump Tower.

If Mueller goes to the Supreme Court and wins an order for Trump to comply and testify to a grand jury, Trump should defy the court.

Source: Memo to Trump: Defy Mueller | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Will Supreme Court Now Act Against Judges’ Campaign To Foil Trump Presidency?

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Could the fight over the Dreamers finally get the Supreme Court to put its foot down on the campaign by liberal district judges to foil Donald Trump’s presidency? It looks like we could find out.

That’s because of the announcement this week that the Trump administration will try to go back to the Supreme Court over the latest orders from a judge in San Francisco.

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SCOTUS keeps lowering the BOOM on lower FED courts that have issued rulings against TRUMP – The National Sentinel

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SCOTUS Rules: The U.S. Supreme Court in recent weeks has overridden several lower federal courts that had issued rulings unfavorable to the Trump administration, suggesting to some legal observers that they may have been politically motivated.

The high court has issued a number of eyebrow-raising orders in cases that involved the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, and the latest iteration of President Donald J. Trump’s travel ban.

The SCOTUS rulings deal fairly harshly with these lower court rulings from federal courts in Hawaii, California, and Maryland.

Source: SCOTUS keeps lowering the BOOM on lower FED courts that have issued rulings against TRUMP – The National Sentinel

SCOTUScare from the Same-Sex Supreme Court

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In the long and storied past, America prided itself on being a country based upon law. Once this was true! Today, the last vestige of a society built upon natural law and incontrovertible principles is dead. The legal system is now founded on whim, political pressure and sentiment. Under such a framework, the Supreme Court has forfeited the final semblance of legitimacy. The United States no longer can claim it is a constitutional republic. The tyranny of the judiciary in not new! However, the latest decisions on Obamacare and Same-Sex marriage effectively gut the credibility and the meaning of the constitution.

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Obamacare is a Public Requiem by Supreme Decree

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Do you have an absolute right to refuse medical treatment? Well, if you recognize the immutable authority of natural rights, you must defend the birthright of individuals to reject the quackery of government-imposed medicine. Common law clearly discerns that there are limits on the power of governments to force human beings into becoming pinned up sheep, against their will. Already far too many cowardly citizens are eager to comply with the next dictate of a tyrannical regime. Subsequently, when the death panels summon you into their diagnostic pool of drugs, why would you want to accept the pharmaceutical prescription for a controlled and managed demise?

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