China Legalizes Detention Of “Religious Extremists” In “Re-Education Camps” | Zero Hedge

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China’s restive far-western Xinjiang region has revised its legislation to allow local governments to “educate and transform” people influenced by extremism at “vocational training centres” – a term used by the government to describe a network of internment facilities known as “concentration re-education camps”, the SCMP reported.

“Governments above the county level can set up education and transformation organizations and supervising departments such as vocational training centers, to educate and transform people who have been influenced by extremism,” the revised legal clause says, which should provoke howls of fury from liberal western democracies at Beijing’s gross abuse of human rights, unless of course said crusaders for global justice are busy…

The revised law, which kicked in on Tuesday, comes amid rising international outcry on the secretive camps in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, in which up to 1 million ethnic Uygurs and other Muslims are reported to have been detained and subjected to enforced political re-education.

Source: China Legalizes Detention Of “Religious Extremists” In “Re-Education Camps” | Zero Hedge

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