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America is so divided, even the political clichés don’t work anymore. In professional wrestling, it’s called a “cheap pop”—an unnecessary reference to the home town designed to get the audience to give an automatic cheer. Politicians do the same by praising the history of whatever state or community they are in. But in post-America, the quickest path to popularity among the Left is to bash your own state—and receive the praise of the Main Stream Media for your courage.

The latest Democrat campaign caught trashing its own state: Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas captured one Omar Smith, “who says he went to college with Gillum,” complaining that “Florida is a cracker state” and that the “poor, the middle income” must be whipped “into a frenzy” to drive out the white Republicans. [Gillum makes promises he can’t keep, “that’s not for [voters[ to know, says campaign staff in undercover videoOctober 31, 2018] Similarly, the staffer notes that you “have to appeal to white guilt” to get Gillum elected. [Caught on video: Gillum staffer makes racist statements and admits campaign is lying to votersby Chris Pandolfo, Conservative Review, November 1, 2018]

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