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Patrick J. Buchanan turns 80 years old on Friday, November 2. The man and his supporters can now look back and reflect on how right he has been—the election of Donald Trump and the continuing transformation of the GOP into a populist-nationalist party are directly connected to Pat Buchanan and his swimming against the Establishment tide decades ago.

Patriotism and a passionate attachment to America—not blind devotion to a party label (recall his leaving the GOP to run as the Reform Party’s candidate in 2000: Buchanan joked that he was “Free at last, free at last!” [Buchanan’s Reform Tour Is Snubbed by Ventura, by Francis X. Clines, New York Times, October 29, 1999]) or “true conservatism”—have been Pat’s guiding lights.

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Victory, Italian-Style – The Occidental Observer

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It’s no secret that European politics has been steadily shifting to the right in recent years. The Social-Democratic and Socialist center-left has been collapsing across Europe. There has been a concurrent rise of the hard left and of the nationalist right, although power is mostly now held by the (useless) center-right.

There have been breakthroughs by populist, anti-immigration Right-wing parties across Europe. The Danish government, which rules with the backing of the nationalist Danish People’s Party (DF), has announced that it will take zero (0) U.N. refugees in 2018, citing the fact that too few of the refugees already in Denmark have found work or integrated. In short, they are an economic and social liability. Denmark has also recently passed forced assimilation” legislation to end the parallel societies existing in the country’s Muslim ghettos—(e.g., “mandatory day care for a minimum of 30 hours a week for children up to six years old living in one of the 25 residential areas, which includes courses in Danish values ‘​​such as gender equality, community, participation and co-responsibility’). As race-realists, we would say that such legislation misses the point insofar as Denmark’s unique indigenous genetic heritage is still being destroyed.

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The New World Order vs. The New World Populism-Who Will Win? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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We should be aware that we must look at the New World Order as a corporate entity that has one goal.

Corporations are largely amoral organizations, they only care about one thing, the next quarter’s profits. They never care about morality, unless the public perception demands otherwise because it might impact quarterly profits. The New World Order is the same, it is a satanically inspired business entity. The establishment of the New World Order is a business deal with satanic underpinnings that will become markedly more visible over time.

This article is an essay, based on what I have learned in my years of covering our struggle against the New World Order. This article will specifically examine the nature of the New World Order, what they want, and will also provide a glimpse into the type of planet that they want to force the people to live in.

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Can You Feel It? Populist Political Movements Sweep the West – HopkinsWorld – Katie Hopkins

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The populist forces that unite the Conservative movement are coming together and even the most skeptical can now see the evidence that surrounds us.

From Poland to Hungary, from Germany to Spain and on into southern Italy, people are voting to take back their country. They are voting against open borders, against European bureaucratic control, and in support of the Judeo-Christian culture we wish to defend.

And as we rise up we feel the community growing, extending, and we reach out to each other, to hold hands around the globe; a resurgent Conservative movement, stronger together.

Source: Can You Feel It? Populist Political Movements Sweep the West – HopkinsWorld – Katie Hopkins

Nationalism and Populism Propel Trump

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If Beltway Republicans think they can stop Trump and turn back the movement behind him, and continue on with today’s policies on trade, immigration and intervention, they will be swept into the same dustbin of history as the Rockefeller Republicans.

America is saying, “Goodbye to all that.”

For Trump is not only a candidate. He is a messenger from Middle America. And the message he is delivering to the establishment is: We want an end to your policies and we want an end to you.

If the elites think they can not only deny Trump the nomination, but turn back this revolution and re-establish themselves in the esteem of the people, they delude themselves.

This is hubris of a high order.

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What is Conservative Populism?

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Do you consider yourself a conservative? Many well intentioned but misguided souls like to maintain a fallacy that they are part of the right-wing; especially when they support Republicans. These bewildered partisans have bought into an illusion that a conservative is a supporter of the status quo. They often believe that any politician who proclaims they are a champion of a GOP regime are really traditionalists. Some even go so far as to consider it impossible for any Democrat to hold any sentiments that could possibly resemble a conservative viewpoint.

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