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There is a long established practice of confusing what is misleadingly called “Cultural Marxism” with socialism and Marxist economics. The two are most definitely not the same. Those who invented what the Frankfurt School in interwar Germany called Critical Theory, and that was called by its friends and later adversaries “Cultural Marxism,” were intent on a cultural revolution. Critical Theory was only secondarily about changing the economic system, which is the primary interest of socialists and which real Marxists maintained could only come about through violence. Although the Frankfurt School and its descendants favored state ownership of productive forces, they took this stand only as a means towards a cultural end. They viewed socialism as instrumental for overcoming sexism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia. These things, which they equated with “fascism,” were their primary targets.

In today’s Western countries, however, most of the social program of the Frankfurt School seems to have been carried out, accomplished without the state controlling production. Even more strikingly, the managers of global capitalist enterprises have happily promoted the cultural left’s agenda, from homosexual marriage to mandatory transgender restrooms. And unlike the French Communist Party after the Second World War and American labor organizers of an earlier era, both of which opposed immigration because of its impact on the native workforce, our culturally radical capitalists are delighted to bring in cheap foreign labor, legal or otherwise.

Source: Stop Throwing Around the ‘Socialist’ Label | The American Conservative

Gottfried on Goldberg: “Suicide Of The West”—Or Of Conservatism?

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wrote a lot in the early aughts about Jonah Goldberg’s apotheosis at National Review in the wake of William F. Buckley’s purge of immigration patriots like John O’Sullivan and Editor Peter Brimelow because I regarded him as a symbol and a symptom of the intellectual and moral degeneration of a magazine I once loved, and of the movement it purported to lead. Indeed, I gather that my habit of referring to the post-purge NR as “The Goldberg Review” caused Norman Podhoretz to ostracize Brimelow, once his close ally in Manhattan conservative circles, an unimaginable disaster for which I am deeply sorry. Subsequently, Goldberg apparently lost his editorship of NRO for some trivial reason of girly-boy intrigue. But Conservatism, Inc-ers never die. For his newest venture into deep thought, Goldberg has crassly stolen the title of James Burnham’s great work, Suicide of the West, published in 1964 at the height of the Cold War.

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In John Bolton, Trump Gains the Swamp | The American Conservative

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But that complicating fact may no longer matter since Bolton now enjoys the enthusiastic backing of President Trump. And so those who voted for Trump and those who until five minutes ago were denouncing him as a loose cannon can at least agree that Trump is a fine fellow for appointing Bolton and also for giving us Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Even Trump hater Rich Lowry gushed with praise over Trump’s wisdom in appointing Bolton. In a National Review editorial, Lowry bestowed on the new national security advisor the endorsement of his Never Trump publication, explaining: “All his critics call him a neocon but he’s a hard-headed realist.”

Source: In John Bolton, Trump Gains the Swamp | The American Conservative

Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News | The American Conservative

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Intelligence agencies, as Peters’ letter suggests, are beyond reproach because they help root out the traitors in our midst. Raising doubts about the veracity of an intelligence chief, moreover, jeopardizes the functioning of Peters’ America, which requires a powerful centralized state and unquestioning obedience to power. What distinguishes this arrangement from a fascist regime is the purpose for which it exists. Unlike the fascist state, which preserves and expands the historic nation, neoconservative Peters views the U.S. as a propositional nation that incorporates and spreads democracy and equality. Because of this lofty mission, which makes us exceptional, we are also allowed to play games that are forbidden to other countries. In fact, we would be guilty of “moral relativism,” warned Peters, if we failed to use nuclear weapons against North Korea during a military crisis.

Source: Ralph Peters: The Man Too Militaristic for Fox News | The American Conservative

Why the ‘Case Against Education’ Won’t Fly | The American Conservative

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George Mason professor of economics Bryan Caplan does not relegate controversial thoughts to footnotes.His most recent book, The Case Against Education: Why the Educational System is a Waste of Time and Money, and an essay on the same theme in The Atlantic, “The World Might Be Better off Without College for Everyone,” make unmistakably clear what he thinks about our “glut of sheepskin credentials.” Caplan never hides his views about how worthless he thinks college is as a rite of passage for most students. And the journalistic establishment cannot dismiss him as a grumpy reactionary.

Source: Why the ‘Case Against Education’ Won’t Fly | The American Conservative

Poland’s on My Mind – LewRockwell

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A controversy surrounds the new Polish law  just signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda that criminalizes Holocaust denial and Holocaust trivialization but also extends the prohibition to anyone who ascribes Nazi atrocities to the “Polish government or Polish nation.” Although I’m passionately opposed to all such efforts to muzzle open discussion (and have paid a heavy price for this stand professionally), I certainly don’t find the Polish law any worse than the repeated attempts to muzzle open discussion by late modern Western democracies. Why for example is Poland’s law a greater outrage than the persecution of Christians in Canada who disapprove of gay nuptials? Or why is the Polish legislation worse than French laws that criminalize hate speech against protected minorities and the denial or questioning of the Armenian genocide as well as the Holocaust. The French have even criminalized critical investigations of the verdicts handed down by the Nuremberg trial judges in 1946 and 1947.

Source: Poland’s on My Mind – LewRockwell

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