Portland Is the New Berkeley: “Occupy ICE” and Antifa Mayhem

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Portland, Oregon, is competing with San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Seattle for the title of “Furthest Left City” on the Left Coast. Over the past several weeks, the “City of Roses” chalked up a couple more points toward winning this dubious honor. First of all, Portland was one of the earliest and most aggressive Blue Democrat cities out of the starting gate with an “Occupy ICE” campaign aimed at blockading the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices and terrorizing ICE employees. Starting in mid-June, hundreds of activists surrounded the Portland ICE office with a tent city, trashed the neighborhood, and harassed and threatened the local residents and businesses as well as the federal ICE office workers. Second, over the past weekend, hundreds of “Antifa” thugs (who describe themselves as anti-fascist, but use violent fascist-communist tactics) rioted and fought with Portland police as well as members of Patriot Prayer, a conservative group that was holding a rally in Portland’s Waterfront Park.

Source: Portland Is the New Berkeley: “Occupy ICE” and Antifa Mayhem

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