What EVERYONE is Missing About “Russiagate”

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Meet the New Fed Chairman — Steemit

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The first thing to note about this latest market turmoil (and “recovery”) is the point I have been making over and over and over for the past several years; namely, that the “new normal” of the central bank-dominated post-Lehman economy is a reality inversion bubble. “Bad” economic news is great economic news and “good” economic news is terrible economic news.

Why? Because when the markets get hit with bad news it means there’s a higher likelihood that the Fed (and/or the ECB, the BOE, the BOJ or another central bank) will spike the punch bowl to keep the good times rolling. Need more stimulus? Here you go! Markets not reaching record highs? We’ll start investing directly! Interest rates still not low enough? Fine, we’ll take them negative!

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What it means to be ‘pro-Israel’

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The main obstacle in dealing with most of my fellow Americans is how absent of moral compass they have become. Their actions have shrunk to the size of their intellects. They genuflect toward goodness, but overlook the blood constantly spilled in their names. To them, honesty has become a naive anachronism; profitable ways to circumvent the law are now admired. How lost people are, how absolutely certain of their own ignorance, how they lie to themselves. As long as their addictions and compulsions are sated, they are stunningly willing to fight to the death for ideas they do not thoroughly comprehend.

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The Globalists Final Solution for Humanity – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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When I first began, back in the 1980’s to research the legitimacy of the claim that a cabal of central bankers were seeking to one day set up world governance and a one-world economic system that they controlled, I quickly discovered that the media would call investigators such as myself, mentally ill, for even asking the correct questions.

I can clearly recall that in 1980, after I read Patrick Wood’s book (c0-authored with the late Anthony Sutton), Trilaterals Over Washington, the mainstream media would not recognize the legitimacy of the claims. In fact, a data base search conducted in 1980 on the Trilateral Commission, eight years after its inception, revealed one article that appeared in The Alantic on the topic, in 1977. All other inquiries on this topic were treated as “conspiracy theory nonsense”. The standard line stated that there is no world government planned and there certainly will not be a one-world economic system came into prominence.

Source: The Globalists Final Solution for Humanity – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The eutrophication of the American mind

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Virtually every category of human endeavor is controlled by those who seek not enlighten but to hoodwink their gullible targets, an age-old profession that produces the profits of the professional swindler. This is a vocation that attracts way too large a percentage of the human population, and which will, without question, be the deaths of us all.

It is necessary to see past the pond scum produced by our slimy leaders with their false pedigrees to see the predicament the human species has created for itself. With enough sunshine and rain, the pollution will disappear, but that will take time, and I would not minimize the damage we have done to ourselves.

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The Official James Petras website » The FBI and the President – Mutual Manipulation

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Few government organizations have been engaged in violation of the US citizens’ constitutional rights for as long a time and against as many individuals as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Source: The Official James Petras website » The FBI and the President – Mutual Manipulation

NWO Jewry Assassinates People World-wide | INCOG MAN

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Zero Hedge: For years, many had speculated – for which they were promptly cast as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists – that when it comes to achieving illegal goals, including but not limited to creating “false flag” terrorism and political assassinations, few are as skilled and industrious as the CIA and Mossad. Especially Mossad.

Source: NWO Jewry Assassinates People World-wide | INCOG MAN


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The fact that Wall Street has joined the Globalist media mania bubble of Bitcoin is direct evidence that there is a sinister agenda behind these digital currencies.



Elite Cheats – American Free Press

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After a year of research, a group of independent journalists has released a treasure trove of information on where and how the elites hide their money around the world to avoid paying the taxes with which millions of middle-class Americans are saddled.Known as the “Paradise Papers,” this latest document dump follows closely on the heels of the release of a similar batch of banking details in the so-called “Panama Papers,” documenting the secrets and corrupt practices of the global power elite and some of the world’s most powerful and influential corporations.

Source: Elite Cheats – American Free Press


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Those of  you who have had some degree of understanding about the New World Order — that fiendishly clever conspiratorial movement to slowly bring about a super-centralized one-world dictatorship — have no doubt experienced the frustration of trying to convince family and friends that A: You are not “crazy,” and B: The trans-generational monster plot to take down America is real and not even that well-concealed any more. The torment that comes with seeing the world as it really is, while the willfully blind ridicule you, is a terrible burden that we “conspiracy theorists”  have always had to bear, in spite of the world’s stupidity and hostility. After all,  “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” (Thomas Paine).


Obeying the Nefarious Warrior Organism

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The world is out of control. Well, that seems to be the reaction to the populist. However, for the New World Order, all systems are a go and the ability to manipulate governments is vivid evidence that a global authoritarian force is the actual ruler over the planet. Most people deny this assessment and are fearful to come to grips with the significance that nations no longer matter. The path to domination by Luciferian Technocrats Rule the New World Order is the operative principle underlying social cultures, international affairs and economic activities.

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