Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal and the wall will protect America against Islamists | Non-Intervention – Michael Scheuer

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Since my last piece, the anti-Americans, Neocons, Israel Firsters, and former Obamaites have — like slugs — continued to slither forth and attack President Trump for deciding to evacuate U.S. troops from Syria and then Afghanistan. So far, the new wave of slugs includes Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, Eugene Robinson, Robert Kuttner, and the prison-bound, Obama-apologist Susan Rice, all of whom have damned Mr. Trump. David Ignatius also has returned for a second attack on the president. Ignatius apparently is taking over from the geriatric and clueless Bob Woodward as the Deep State’s most-favored, foolish, and fully controlled court historian.

Not to be outdone, FOX News is rolling out retired General Jack Keane at regular intervals to attack President Trump for not being smart enough to use the notorious bureaucratic-snare for prolonging unnecessary wars known as the “national security decision-making process”, and then accept its advice about what to do in Syria and Afghanistan. If used, this process would yield three easily predictable words of advice “stay the course”, this is because what that process inevitably wants is more war.

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Non-Intervention – At last, Mr. President, thank you for making the republic’s survival seem possible – Michael F. Scheuer

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The great bulk of Americans, Mr. President, are ebullient over your decision to remove our troops from Syria, and soon from Afghanistan. Since the start of those two murderous misadventures, in 2001 and 2003, many American parents have welcomed home from war only dead; legless, blind, or armless; or mentally troubled children. No victories, no end of wasteful spending, no national government concern for dead, save for a few faux tears at Andrews Air Force Base, and no general officer competent – or, seemingly, willing — to lead our troops in a way that ensures America wins. Mr. President, the beginning of the end of the governing elite’s 70-years of military interventionism is a precious Christmas gift to Americans, their children, and their hopes for the republic’s recovery.

We never had a genuine national-interest reason for going to war in Iraq or Syria, and only justification for an annihilative, 15-18-month punitive campaign in Afghanistan. All those wars are now lost, which is the traditional manner of American war-making since V-J Day in 1945. You, Mr. President, have taken a large step to permanently ending military interventionism as the first option for presidents, their advisers, the Congress, and their senior civil servants. You also have laid down a marker to the U.S. corps of flag officers; namely, Americans have no time or respect for you if you do not win wars, or if you take U.S. troops to wars you know the president does not intend to win.

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The Senate appropriately spanks Thomas Woodrow Obama

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The Senate Republicans’ letter to Iran’s Ayatollah is addressed as much to Barack Obama as to the cleric; neither man has a clue about how the American constitutional system works. In his self-righteousness, intellectual arrogance, and thin skin, Obama resembles no other president so much as Thomas Woodrow Wilson. In fact, one must wonder if Wilson has not returned from the grave, this time as a Black man but still determined to do as much damage as he can to America in the fields of foreign affairs, national security, and fidelity to the Constitution.

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