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White privilege, black privilege, you can argue those terms back and forth all day long. I’ll give you my take on those precise terms some other time. What, it seems plain to me, exists in plain sight beyond any trace of doubt, is mulatto privilege.

If you’re just a little bit black — I think one-eighth is about the sweet spot — and your family is upper-middle-class or better, you’ve got it made. You get a good start in good schools (which is to say, schools with lots of upper-middle-class whiteJewish, and Asian students), then you get to float effortlessly upwards on the warm drafts of liberal guilt and affirmative action.

Hence the phenomenon of the Mulatto Mafia that was so prominent in the Obama administration. There was Obama himself, of course, and Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, … you know the cast list. The Mulatto Mafia.

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