Can Trump Stop the Invasion? | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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The resolution and determination of Third World peoples to come to America, even if they have to break our laws to get in and stay, is proven.

And if there is no matching national will to halt the invasion, and no truly effective means that would be acceptable to our elites, the migrants are never going to stop coming. And why should they?

Politically, this invasion means the inevitable death of the national Republican Party, as peoples of color, who vote 70-90 percent Democratic in presidential elections, become the new majority of 21st-century America.

Source: Can Trump Stop the Invasion? | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

News With Views | The Diversity Delusion: Destroying America’s Heritage With Endless Immigration – Frosty Wooldridge

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You hear the liberal media expound on the merits of diversity and multiculturalism. They feature every kind of powder-puff story that regales America’s bouquet of colors, ethnic groups and cultures.

When in fact, every newspaper, TV and radio show in the land reports on racism, racial conflict and violent conduct among the races within the United States. If this country cannot mitigate the racial conflicts due to diversity and multiculturalism in 2019, what can we expect when we import another 100,000,000 (million) legal immigrants by 2050—a scant 31 years from now.

Source: News With Views | The Diversity Delusion: Destroying America’s Heritage With Endless Immigration

In praise of traditional and, when necessary, lethal masculinity | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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My preference was for President Trump to have declared a national emergency on 19 January 2019, and then ordered the U.S. military and the Corps of Engineers to immediately complete the construction of an effective wall along the entire length of the southern border. Indeed, if such a declaration was likely to have been hamstrung indefinitely by the federal courts, I would have – with regret and deep concern – supported a presidential declaration of martial law for the period necessary to complete construction. Nearly 80,000 narcotics-killed Americans in 2018 – most from drugs brought in over the southern border – strikes me as an emergency requiring and justifying such action. The border wall also would greatly reduce the ease of trafficking children into and out of the United States, a trafficking meant to harvest blood and body parts from children, and to supply the Democratic Party, the Tech Barons, Hollywood, and, apparently, much of the bipartisan governing elite with the human material required to satisfy their pedophilic appetites.

Source: In praise of traditional and, when necessary, lethal masculinity | Non-Intervention2

If Walls Don’t Work, Why Did Castles Have Them? –

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Indeed, why the Great Wall of China, why Hadrian’s Wall, why the Constantinople wall, why were there walled cities, why the Israeli Wall that keeps Palestinians out of Palestine?

Walls do work, according to President Obama’s former Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan: Link

During the Obama regime, US Senator Schumer and US Rep. Pelosi agreed with President Obama that Walls do work and supported building a wall. Why do they oppose a wall now? The answer, obvious on the surface, is that with the presstitutes lined up against The Wall, Democrats can use the issue against Trump. However, this answer is not as good as it looks. Polls show that Trump has a far higher approval rating than the presstitute media and that Americans want the wall. So the question becomes: why have the Democrats lined up against the American people by opposing a wall? Why do Democrats oppose Americans having their own country as a place where American citizens live? Why do Democrats want America to be up for grabs by everyone who can illegally cross the border?

Source: If Walls Don’t Work, Why Did Castles Have Them? –

Memo to Trump: Declare an emergency – WND – Patrick Buchanan

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In the long run, history will validate Donald Trump’s stand on a border wall to defend the sovereignty and security of the United States.

Why? Because mass migration from the global South, not climate change, is the real existential crisis of the West.

The American people know this, and even the elites sense it.

Think not? Well, check out the leading liberal newspapers Thursday.

The Washington Post and the New York Times each had two front-page stories about the president’s battle with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on funding the border wall.

Source: Memo to Trump: Declare an emergency – WND

Trump Right (Of Course!): Migrant Deaths Fault Of Caravan Conspirators/Democrats—Who Want To Destroy America | Articles | – James Kirkpatrick

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President Donald J. Trump is rightly blaming Democrats for the deaths of migrant children who tried to enter the country, two in the past month. [2 migrant children died this month. But warnings were documented long before thatBy Pamela Ren Larson, Arizona Republic, December 28, 2018]

In contrast, Karen Tumulty at The Washington Post grandly proclaims that “Trump’s tweets on children dying in U.S. custody are a new low.” [December 29, 2018]. But even her showy faux outrage shows President Trump is right.

If Democrats were concerned about the lives and safety of these migrants, they would insist on strict border security and providing enough resources to law enforcement before there is even a discussion about what to do with asylum seekers or migrants of any form.

Yet caravan conspirators, journalist/ activists and foreign governments keep sending “migrants” a.k.a. infiltrators forward, like human wave attacks.

Source: Trump Right (Of Course!): Migrant Deaths Fault Of Caravan Conspirators/Democrats—Who Want To Destroy America | Articles |

Keep the Government Closed Until Hell Freezes Over – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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America needs a wall. We don’t need a wall to protect us from people who would hold 2 to 3 jobs and wait on us in restaurants and to take care of our lawns. We need a wall to protect us from unsavory elements that are entering our country in order to overthrow the Constitutional authority that keeps us free. What is going on is unquestionably a Deep State/NWO invasion of the United States.

The Democrats will absolutely run the country by 2020. Can you imagine the kind of America we will live in? IF not, tune in tomorrow, I will be writing about life under the new Democratic Party in 2020 if the wall is not built and conservatives are in charge of our government. Warning, this article will not be for the faint of heart.

Source: Keep the Government Closed Until Hell Freezes Over – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

John Derbyshire: Is Trump’s Wall Really Immoral? What Would We Take Instead? | Articles |

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So there’s going to be at least a brief government shutdown over the Democrats’ refusal to fund President Trump’s Wall. Good.I cheered on the Wall when Trump put it at the front of his campaign in 2016. And of course we should have a secure barrier to separate us from the semi-barbarous countries to our south, most of which are not so much nation-states as criminal enterprises.

Still, I’m starting to worry that Trump’s need for a Wall—and he really does need it, if he’s not to be thrown out of office in 2020 to jeers of derision and hoots of contempt—I’m worrying that this Wall obsession is crowding out real patriotic immigration reform.

Last week I expressed my fear that the enemy—I mean, the open-borders nation-killers in Congress, the courts, and the media —might calculate that it would be worth giving Trump a wall, and maybe even four more years in the White House, if, in return, they got a total Amnesty for twenty or thirty million illegal aliens, perhaps with expedited citizenship, and big expansions of guest-worker programs, chain migration, refugee settlement, and so on.

Source: John Derbyshire: Is Trump’s Wall Really Immoral? What Would We Take Instead? | Articles |

Trump Calls Democratic Bluff: Won’t Sign Bill to Fund Gov’t Without Wall Money – R. Cort Kirkwood

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It appears that President Trump recovered his courage and will, indeed, refuse to sign a bill to continue funding the government past December 21 if he does not get $5 billion to help build a wall to stop illegal immigration.

Trump had promised to remain firm, saying he’d be proud to shut down the government. Then yesterday, he suggested he would sign a bill to fund the government and would get his wall another way.

But today, at a meeting with GOP members of the House, after the Senate passed a funding bill last night, the president again put down an ultimatum: no wall funding, no bill signing to avoid a shutdown.

Source: Trump Calls Democratic Bluff: Won’t Sign Bill to Fund Gov’t Without Wall Money

News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s – Frosty Wooldridge

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In the past four weeks, you witnessed thousands of French people rioting and stoning the police in the streets of Paris. While you heard from the main stream media that the entire ruckus revolves around gas taxes, the riptide undercurrent stems from mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

The French elite never experience the consequences of third world immigration, but the average French citizen must deal with rapes, schools collapsing, theft, trash on their streets, killings, Islamic jihad such as Paris and Nice, degraded neighborhoods, cultural displacement, and everyday fear of walking down the streets with the very real possibility of being raped or run over by an immigrant.

The French face being eaten alive and their culture degraded much like the 1974 novel Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. Some call it a brilliant novel on Europe’s descendance into cultural hell. Others call it ‘racist’ because the author attempted to warn the French people that endless immigration guaranteed the demise and displacement of the French out of their own country.

Source: News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s

The war against globalism | Intrepid – Philip M. Giraldi

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Belgium has joined the list of countries that are rebelling against their elected leadership. Over the weekend the Belgian government fell over Prime Minister Charles Michel’s trip to Morocco to sign the United Nations Migration Agreement. The agreement made no distinction between legal and illegal migrants and regarded immigration as a positive phenomenon. The Belgian people apparently did not agree. Facebook registered 1,200 Belgians agreeing that the prime minister was a traitor. Some users expressed concern for their children’s futures, noting that Belgian democracy is dead. Others said they would get yellow vests and join the protests.

The unrest witnessed in a number of places is focused on some specific demands but it represents much broader anger. The French yellow vests initially protested against proposed increases in fuel taxes that would have affected working people dependent on transportation disproportionately. But when that demand was met by the government of President Emmanuel Macron, the demonstrations continued and even grew, suggesting that the grievances with the government were far more extensive than the issue of a single new tax. Perhaps not surprisingly, the French government is seeking a scapegoat and is investigating “Russian interference.” The US State Department inevitably agrees, claiming that Kremlin directed websites and social media are “amplifying the conflict.”

Source: The war against globalism | Intrepid

Europe in Revolt: People vs. Elites on Migration, Climate, Taxes, Brexit, and More – William F. Jasper

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December has started out with a bang, as resurgent nationalism challenges the internationalist New World Order that has been ascendant since World War II. The United Nations and the European Union, the two preeminent internationalist creations of the post-WWII era, are being pummeled by popular rebellions over Islamic migration, carbon fuel taxes, and the ongoing delay of Brexit, the British exit from the EU approved by British voters in 2016. The European Union’s globalist elites, who are attempting to gather all political power into the hands of Eurocrats in Brussels are being hit from all sides. First, they are pulling out all stops to prevent Britain from leaving the EU, which would be the biggest setback to their regional amalgamation since the launch of the European Economic Community (better known as the Common Market) in 1957. The architects of that plan had intended from the very start to create a constantly evolving entity that would gradually usurp powers and sovereignty from the member nation states, until they eventually would find themselves trapped in a United States of Europe ruled by unaccountable dictators in Brussels.

Source: Europe in Revolt: People vs. Elites on Migration, Climate, Taxes, Brexit, and More

Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads – Alex Newman

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Following the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (shown), governments across Europe and beyond are refusing to join a controversial United Nations agreementaiming to accelerate mass immigration into the West. Basically, under the UN plan, migration and taxpayer-funded benefits are to be transformed into a “human right,” while governments crack down on criticism. But on December 5, Slovakian and Bulgarian authorities followed Austria, Israel, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and other free nations in announcing that they would not be signing up to the UN scheme. The growing list of defections comes just before the start of a key UN migration summit set to open next week in Marrakesh, Morocco. Globalists are outraged at the resistance. But the list of governments rejecting the plot is expected to keep growing.

In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, public pressure to reject the UN scheme has been growing for weeks. Last week, the Parliament even adopted a resolution urging the government to withdraw. “Slovakia is fully sovereign in defining its own national migration policy,” reads the resolution, adding that the UN Global Compact for Migration was at odds with the nation’s security and migration policy. The resolution also noted that illegal immigration is a negative phenomenon with national security risks. And so, Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini announced that he would send the objections to the UN. Bulgarian authorities also announced this week that they would reject the pact. “At this stage, the Bulgarian government believes that the decision not to join the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration protects to the fullest extent the interests of the country and its citizens,” the government press office said in a statement released on December 5.

Source: Global Rebellion Against UN Mass-migration Pact Spreads

Mass Migration: Mortal Threat to Red State America | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that his natural political instincts are superior to those of any other current figure.

As campaign 2018 entered its final week, Trump seized upon and elevated the single issue that most energizes his populist base and most convulses our media elite.

Warning of an “invasion,” he pointed to the migrant caravan that had come out of Honduras and was wending its way through Mexico. He then threatened to issue an executive order ending birthright citizenship.

Source: Mass Migration: Mortal Threat to Red State America | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

U.S.-NATO military interventions caused Europe’s migrant disaster

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The leaders and bureaucrats of the European Union (EU) are fortunate that they have largely disarmed the citizens of EU member states. If the citizens of Europe had personal weapons, all officials at all levels of the increasingly authoritarian EU organization might well be under fire — and rightly so – for causing the horde of unwanted, unneeded, and non-assimilable migrants that is now inundating Europe.

The migrants will produce further lawlessness, a debilitating level of societal tensions, enormous increases in the expense of social services and public housing, and contribute nothing worth having to the nations of the EU. The migrants also will wreck the status quo in EU security as the many hundreds of thousands of incomers are mixed with a goodly number ISIS and al-Qaeda organizers, recruiters, fighters, and suicide attackers who will make the job of EU security and intelligence services even more undoable. Indeed, the only upside of the migrant flood is that elected and appointed EU officials will feel proud of themselves for spending the money of the EU’s wildly overtaxed citizens for a “humanitarian purpose” that, to anyone with commonsense, clearly carries the seeds of terrorism, the end of the EU, fascism, and civil war.

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