Raising Red Flags About Red Flag Laws – American Free Press – Mark Anderson

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The key to understanding the potential problems with red flag laws is realizing that such laws could easily morph into large-scale disarmament of law-abiding civilians based upon their political philosophy. Indeed, confiscations could become ever more frequent. Not just family members and police,  but also neighbors, acquaintances, and coworkers, possibly with an axe to grind, could conjure up reports of your “suspicious” or “errant” behavior, leading to firearms confiscation pending a review of your “mental stability.”

Another more troubling aspect of the situation is that mainstream controlled media reports on mass shootings are not based in reality. They invariably portray the shooter as a trigger-happy “white supremacist,” despite any real facts to support that contention. Thus, the first segment of the population to be disarmed—due to fake news-induced media hysteria—would most likely be white nationalists, just the very people who are most resistant to the expansion of the New World Order police state. Coincidence? Probably not.

Source: Raising Red Flags About Red Flag Laws – American Free Press

Censors Beware – American Free Press – Mark Anderson

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Amid reports that the nation’s social media giants could be facing a federal anti-trust probe to determine whether they’re monopolistic to the detriment of free speech, President Donald Trump on July 11 held the first ever Social Media Summit at the White House. Harmeet Dhillon, referred to during the summit as one of the nation’s leading First Amendment lawyers, shared insights on how these digital pirates and their big-media cohorts are increasingly censoring conservative-constitutionalist-populist voices online.

Ms. Dhillon, who was retained by citizen journalist Andy Ngo after he was attacked by ultra-leftist antifa gangsters in Portland, Ore. in June, was accompanied by several others from the public and private spheres—select politicians, alternative journalists, the heads of prolife organizations, and conservative/ neoconservative institutes like the Heritage Foundation, the Media Research Center, and Turning Point USA—many of whom cited cases of social media giants censoring their online postings or those of others.

Meanwhile, mainstream reporting on the summit was so twisted that one of the only ways to get a straight account of what was said was to scour the White House website. In one of the tamest examples, The Washington Post noted, “The president and his administration have been ramping up Trump’s unsupported claims that social media companies actively silenced conservative voices in recent months.”

Source: Censors Beware – American Free Press

Globalists Lie Low – America Free Press – Mark Anderson

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Europe has become too inhospitable for Bilderberg, at least for the time being, according to Tony Gosling, a former colleague of AFP Bilderberg hound Jim Tucker, who worked with Tucker for several years exposing Bilderberg.

Gosling, an investigative journalist from Bristol, UK, points out that “euroskeptics,” who oppose the eurozone and the European Union itself—the very creation of which was nurtured by Bilderberg—said that candidates and politicians who want the national sovereignty of their nations restored are making headway, getting into political office. This includes Germany.

As a result, news of a Bilderberg meeting in Europe at a time of such strong anti-globalist sentiment and developments could prove damaging for the group, especially in terms of bringing back unwanted, widespread publicity about the secretive gathering—something the group has labored to control and reduce as much as possible in its more than six decades of existence.

Source: Globalists Lie Low – American Free Press

Citizens Call for ‘Sanctuary City’ for Unborn – American Free Press – Mark Anderson

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A bookstore owner in upstate New York is pushing back with all his might against the state’s tyrannical and immensely de-humanizing late term abortion law—passed under the innocuous name “The Reproductive Health Act” by the state assembly amid public celebration by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Democratic confreres.

Among other things, Jon Speed of the Book Scout, a rare-books store he opened in Syracuse in 2014, is joining hands with others to build on the idea of declaring Batavia “a sanctuary city for the unborn” to protest Cuomo’s signing of the act. Getting the city to make such a declaration, however, is no easy task.

Speed, who is also pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church, was one of about 20 people who spoke out at a Feb. 11 City Council meeting, asking its nine members to at least write a letter to Cuomo to convey their official opposition to the new law, short of making the “sanctuary” declaration.

Source: Citizens Call for ‘Sanctuary City’ for Unborn – American Free Press

Globalists Unite Against Populism – American Free Press – Mark Anderson

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The head of one of the world’s oldest elite foreign policy institutions in London is calling for the world’s pro-globalist think tanks to unite like never before, lest their neoliberal world order dissolve in the rising populist tide.

Chatham House Director Dr. Robin Niblett, in an 11,000-word article entitled “Rediscovering a Sense of Purpose: The Challenge for Western Think Tanks,” declared: “To devise a common work [program], do think tanks from across the world also need to possess a common sense of purpose? After something like a hundred years of think tank experience, the answer is yes.”

Source: Globalists Unite Against Populism – American Free Press

Banking Syndicate Challenged – American Free Press

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on June 12 stamped the relevant documents and finally officially agreed to review a “King’s Bench” petition filed by a citizen under the auspices of noted monetary-reform activist Mickey Paoletta. This development represents a significant step forward in Paoletta’s 35 years of effort to expose the corrupt banking system and its allies in the legal field. But getting the high court to move this matter forward was grueling.

“They put us through pure hell for seven or eight days in a row, but they accepted it—reluctantly,” Paoletta told AFP, referring to what he and embattled York, Penn. homeowner-petitioner Christopher Inch experienced. “There’s corruption in the highest places, and more and more people know what’s up. They want it stopped.”

Source: Banking Syndicate Challenged – American Free Press

Bilderberg Group Reveals 2018 Meeting Date, Location – American Free Press

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With more advance notice than ever before, the Bilderberg Group has revealed its 2018 meeting location and dates in an invitation to Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic issued following the recent World Economic Forum in Davos where Ms. Brnabic spoke.

Source: Bilderberg Group Reveals 2018 Meeting Date, Location – American Free Press

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