Bolton’s Ridiculous ‘Troika of Tyranny’ Speech | The American Conservative

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Andrew Bacevich appropriately ridicules John Bolton’s silly “troika of tyranny” speech from earlier this week:

Targeting the ‘triangle of terror’ might strike a chord with right wing Floridians. But when it comes to advancing the cause of national security or of human decency, its benefits will be nil.

Source: Bolton’s Ridiculous ‘Troika of Tyranny’ Speech | The American Conservative

The United States Is The Only Remaining Colonial Power –

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The United States government has never allowed independent governments in Latin America. Every time people elect a government that represents them instead of US economic interests, Washington overthrows the elected government. Marine General Smedley Butler told us this as have many others. There is no doubt about it.

Currently Washington is trying to overthrow the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua and has bought off the Ecuadorian government with oil purchases and the usual personal bribes. Evo Morales government in Bolivia is also targeted by Washington. The Obama regime succeeded in removing the reform governments in Honduras, Argentina, and Brazil.

Source: The United States Is The Only Remaining Colonial Power –

Political asylee numbers will soon skyrocket | Intrepid

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Victims of repression by U.S.-supported fascist governments in Latin America will soon skyrocket as a result of the election of Colombian narco syndicate and death squad-linked Ivan Duque as president of Colombia. Many of those now seeking political asylum from Honduras and Guatemala are fleeing U.S.- and Israeli-supported right-wing regimes in those countries. Refugees from violence-plagued El Salvador are trying to escape from death squads that have their roots in U.S.-supported paramilitary forces propped up in that nation’s civil war in the 1980s. These asylum-seekers will soon be joined by those fearing for their lives in Colombia.

Duque defeated former Bogota mayor and leftist M-19 guerrilla leader Gustavo Petro on a platform of reneging on many of the stipulations in the peace accord worked out between outgoing president Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Santos received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

Duque wants to prosecute FARC members who were amnestied under the peace deal but whom Duque and his paramilitary allies consider to be criminals. A threat to round up enemies of Duque and his mentor, former president Alvaro Uribe, who is tied to the Medellin drug cartel, will result in several anti-rightists in Colombia, including Afro-Caribbean Colombians and labor activists, to head north for asylum in the United States.

Source: Political asylee numbers will soon skyrocket | Intrepid

Latin America in the Time of Trump

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President Trump cancelled his attendance at the Summit of the Americas meeting of all the 35 presidents of the region designed to debate and formulate a common policy. Trump delegated Vice President Michael Pence in his place. VP Pence a known nonentity with zero experience and even less knowledge of Latin America – US relations indicates the Trump regime’s disdain and low opinion of the eighth meeting of the tri-annual Summit.

President Trump does not feel obligated to attend, because the agenda, decisions and outcome already had been decided in accordance with the best interests of the empire. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made clear that Latin America is Washington’s backyard: the Monroe Doctrine was alive and well.

The revival of the Monroe Doctrine is a work in progress – a collective effort that preceded the Trump regime and which is now in full display.

Source: Latin America in the Time of Trump

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