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What follows is my foreword to Kerry Bolton’s recently released book on Francis Parker Yockey.

This is the first time an exhaustive work on the prominent Euro-American Fascist activist and philosopher, Francis Parker Yockey, is being offered to a wide readership in the English-speaking world.  Naturally, for starters, a big question that comes to mind immediately is, “what’s the point of reading Bolton’s thick book and how relevant is Yockey’s anti-Communism and anti-Liberalism in dealing with the ongoing decay of the multicultural West, which is currently subject to an open invasion of non-European masses?” Since Bolton often uses the German word “Zeitgeist” in his description of the dominant political ideas of Yockey’s time, a neophyte might likewise wonder if and how Yockey’s political prognoses are being validated by the dominant political ideas of our time. For many nationalist old-timers, both in Europe and America, Yockey is a household name that is indispensable in studying the intellectual developments of cultural Fascism, yet, for many young identitarians today, regardless whether they sport the name Alt-Right, New Right or Traditionalists, the name Yockey, along with his magnum opus Imperium, may sound a bit outdated. However, several years ago, when Bolton started writing this book, he was already aware that Yockey, with all his literary baggage and world-wide acquaintances, would today become more relevant than when he was alive. This is despite the fact that Yockey’s Bolshevik archenemies with their iconography of the cosmopolitan and borderless proletariat have been replaced with a new Liberal imagery of mixed-raced and stateless pederasts accompanied by masses of non-European migrants. Yockey’s enemies are alive and well—even thriving, irrespective of their change in ideological color.

Source: Review of Kerry Bolton’s “Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey | The Occidental Observer – White Identity, Interests, and Culture

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