Why Marx Now? Part 1 | Lost Generation Philosopher

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Recent years have seen a surge of renewed interest in Karl Marx’s political-economic thought. For those not living in a cave somewhere, this has been hard to miss. This interest is not coming primarily from the “cultural Marxists” of academic humanities, obsessed with identity politics and likely to be viewed, once this new tendency is understood, as pseudo-Marxists. It is coming from careful and astute observers who have looked backward from the financial crisis of 2008 and charted the basic trajectory of global political economy since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party’s embrace of state-capitalism, and the range of irrational policies that led to the aforementioned crisis. The attention paid to Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2014) is telling, but barely scratches the surface. One guide to a few recent works, and a few older ones, can be perused here.

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Differences between Karl Marx and Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Karl Marx and Fyodor Dostoevsky were contemporaries. However, their worldviews could not be more different. The infamous Marxist phrase that expresses his sentiments on religion as The Opium of the People is at the heart of untold death and suffering. Contrast with the perspective that runs throughout the writings of Fyodor Dostoevsky, and his assessment of basic human nature, one sees the distinct difference and departure from Marxist theory.

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Variations on a Theme of ‘The Revolution Betrayed’ – Antiwar.com Original

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The anniversary of Karl Marx’s birthday 200 years ago has gifted us with dozens of polemics, both pro and con, debating the theoretical prognostications and real world consequences of the ideology that bears his name. I won’t add to this genre except to note that the revolutionary character of the regimes that claimed his legacy have either gone by the wayside, like the Soviet Union, or else abandoned all but a content-less formal allegiance to Marxist orthodoxy, like China. For those still-believing Marxists the world over, the revolution has been betrayed – to which one can only add: welcome to reality, comrade!

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Karl Marx Was Rothschilds’ Third Cousin – henrymakow.com

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Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883), was a 19th century Jewish political ideologue who presented himself to the world as a journalist and economist. He is best known for subverting the nascent Socialist movement, likely as an agent of his cousin Rothschild; and on instructions from his mentor Moses Hess, creating a supposedly “scientific” theory known as Marxism.

Marx came from a long line of Jewish rabbis. He lived in Dean Street, London in squalor. He used to visit the Red Lion Pub at Great Windmill Street, Soho where he and Friedrich Engels were asked to write what became the Communist Manifesto. His best known work is the book Das Kapital, which fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and by his cousins, the Rothschilds.

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European Commission President Juncker Set to Honor Karl Marx

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“The philosophy of Karl Marx, when applied, has created some of the greatest episodes of human suffering in all of history,” Marion Smith, director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, said in stunned response to the announcement that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will join in a celebration of Marx’s 200th birthday on May 5, in Trier, Germany. Trier was where Marx was born and raised.

Source: European Commission President Juncker Set to Honor Karl Marx

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