VDARE.com news – Why Can’t Media Use Google To Find Treason Lobby Acting Coaches?

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Journalists know absolutely nothing about immigration and refuse to learn, so when I cited the fraudulent “humanitarian” cases on TV Sunday night, I footnoted myself live on air, citing a New Yorker article as well as my book, “Adios, America,” which has nearly 100 pages of footnotes. That should make it easy for even the stupidest reporters.

You haven’t met The Hill’s Jacqueline Thomsen! She was at a loss. The New Yorker? What’s that? Jacqueline thought and thought and thought, until her head hurt! Finally, she decided, as she wrote in The Hill, “It’s unclear what New Yorker article Coulter was referring to.”

Armed only with the information that there was an article in a tiny little publication known as “The New Yorker” about asylum applicants being coached on their fake asylum claims, how could an American reporter ever hope to locate “The Asylum Seeker” in the Aug. 1, 2011, New Yorker? Forget “Adios, America,” where it is cited, along with many, many other sources. I can’t read a BOOK, Thomsen thought to herself.

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Our New Age of Partisan Media Warfare and Jeff Toobin | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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In politics, two particular professions produce the highest volume and greatest numbers of disingenuous poseurs (besides the politicians themselves) and are rife with partisans who cynically maneuver and deceptively operate, with lusty abandon I might add, on the basis of an extraordinarily-false pretense: that they are NON-partisan…neutral…disinterested.

This vanguard of self-anointed “elites” would have us all believe they levitate in the ether, high above the rest of us who dare enter the bareknuckle fray of political combat.

It is high time to unmask the seedy reality beneath their tissue-thin façade and expose these militant crypto-partisans who infest, and frankly stink up, an already overpoweringly-dank DC swamp.

It isn’t difficult, given that many are the most prominent and vocal figures from 1) the ‘news’ media – journalists, reporters, on-air ‘analysts’, hosts, commentators, etc. and 2) the legal profession – i.e. lawyers — especially government lawyers.

Source: Our New Age of Partisan Media Warfare and Jeff Toobin | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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