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On November 29, Gallup headlined “Democrats Lead Surge in Belief U.S. Should Be World Leader” and reported, “Three-fourths (75%) of Americans today think the United States has ‘a special responsibility to be the leading nation in world affairs,’ up from 66% in 2010. The surge is driven by Democrats, whose belief in this idea has increased from 61% eight years ago to 81% now.” This finding comes even after the lie-based and catastrophic U.S. invasions of Iraq in 2003, and of Libya in 2011 (and of so many others, such as Afghanistan, where the U.S. and Sauds created the Taliban in 1979).

Americans—now even increasingly—want ‘their’ (which is actually America’s billionaires’) government to be virtually the world’s government, policing the world. They want this nation’s government to be determining what international laws will be enforced around the world, and to be enforcing them. Most Americans don’t want the United Nations to have power over the U.S. (its billionaires’) government, but instead want the U.S. government (its billionaires) to have power over the United Nations (which didn’t authorize any of those evil, lie-based, U.S. invasions).

Not only would doing this bankrupt all constructive domestic functions (health, education, infrastructure, etc.) of the U.S. federal government, but it would also increase the global carnage, as if the U.S. government hasn’t already been doing enough of that, for decades now.

Source: U.S. is the world’s invasion nation | Intrepid Report.com

Assange’s fate is all but sealed | Intrepid Report.com

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Credible reports suggest that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is about to be thrown to the wolves. Ecuador, the country that has fought hard on his behalf for so long, is set to show him the door. As soon as he steps out he will be arrested by British police when extradition to the US will loom large. Dozens of protests were held around the world in June calling for his release and large demonstrations are planned in the event of his imminent eviction, though, sad to say, people power will not prevail against the big guns pointing in his direction.

Lest we forget this Australian-born computer programmer turned investigative journalist has not been charged with any crime. He has been vilified merely for doing his job, exposing secrets, including war crimes, that powerful governments wanted kept hidden from public view, just as newspapers in democratic countries are committed to doing.

Source: Assange’s fate is all but sealed | Intrepid Report.com

Diabolical plot to extradite Assange to US | Intrepid Report.com

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Assange’s asylum is gravely threatened. In May, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Fernanda Espinosa said talks between her government and Britain were ongoing to decide his fate, adding:

“There is a dialogue. There is a will and an interest to move forward in the solution of that matter.”

Illegally revoking his asylum ahead of arresting and extraditing him to America appears imminent.

Source: Diabolical plot to extradite Assange to US | Intrepid Report.com

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