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At this point, we see 6,000 homeless in Seattle, 10,000 homeless in Denver, 50,000 plus homeless in Los Angeles and 11,000 homeless in San Francisco. On any day, America features one million homeless throughout 50 states.  If we can’t figure out how to solve those monumental social problems, how do we think we can save the rest of the world by importing over 100,000 legal immigrants every 30 days into our country?

Do you know that our U.S. Congress, based in Washington DC, and totally out of touch with what their actions are doing to middle-class Americans, continues to import one million legal immigrants from the third world onto our shores, annually?  Do you realize they allow another 500,000 illegal aliens to jump our borders, annually?  That’s over 100,000 immigrants every 30 days.  (Sources: ;

Do you realize that Congress allows 22 to 25 million illegal aliens to remain in our country without fear of deportation?  (Source: Yale University Study, Oct 2018) How do they do that?  Congress refuses to enforce Federal Law Section 8 USC 1324, within our nation.  In fact, employers of illegal aliens do not face arrest, prosecution or prison because your two senators and House member refuse to do their jobs.

Source: News With Views | Why Is Congress Importing A Permanent Underclass?

News With Views | Congress Needs To Implement Solutions, Not Squabble – Frosty Wooldridge

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Today in America, we see 90,000 homeless in Los Angeles, 11,000 in San Francisco, 10,000 homeless in Denver and, as reported in “Homeless in America”, about 554,000 homeless Americans on any given night in any given city. I actually witnessed those numbers on my bicycle trip through San Francisco and Los Angeles this past summer. I live in Denver, so I see the 10,000 on our city streets weekly.  I snapped a lot of pictures of Americans down, totally out and suffering completely destroyed lives.

Yet, we paid $6 trillion in two wars over 18 years that accomplished nothing—and they’re still continuing because Congress funds them.  You must know that the Military Industrial Complex power-brokers keep a lot of those 535 Congressional critters in their bank account.

Source: News With Views | Congress Needs To Implement Solutions, Not Squabble – Will Illuminati Use Homeless to Dispossess Us? – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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What would you do if you found homeless people living in your garage?
This was the predicament fellow Winnipegger Patrick Michalishyn, 30, faced Wednesday when a young woman made a home in his garage. He gave her some food and asked her to leave.
Instead, when he came home from his all-night job as a DJ at a university radio station, there were three more squatters living there. They had bunk beds, mirrors, shopping carts etc.

Source: – Exposing Feminism and The New World Order

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