Postmodern Globalism

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Postmodernism is less well known than Globalism. Still, both are based upon a cultural outlook that rejects traditional values and institutions. Consider the analysis offered by Conservapedia and some aspects of the postmodernist ideas:

·        Truth is a “social construct,” rather than objectively provable, and by extension is merely relative.

·        As an extension of this, History is considered “fiction” or “storytelling”

·       Human agency is the only thing allowing for ideals like peace, power, and control to actually have power since they themselves lack any despite being passed down for ages due to just being ideals.

Source: Postmodern Globalism

An Introduction to Technofeudalism Ascending

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The future of the planetary “Reign of Terror” has never been clearer. The pattern for global governance has been set into motion and operates under a model that has been used throughout much of history. The modern day version of command and control can be effectively described as Technofeudalism. The purpose of this introduction is to provide an outline of the arguments used by Steven Yates, Ph.D. The link to this significant treatise is provided below. In addition News With Views maintains an extensive archives of Dr. Yates’ work. Invest the time to read the entire essay for a full understanding of the linkage behind Technofeudalis and the course for top down dominance.

Technofeudalism Ascending comprises nine sections. Dr. Yates provides the following preface.

My book Four Cardinal Errors (2011) introduced the idea of technofeudalism. Though a bit of a mouthful, this is the best term for the political economy towards which an intergenerational superelite has been directing as much of the world as possible for at least a century. This existence of this group, I argue, is the foremost political-economic reality of our times.

Read the entire article on the Reign of Terror archives

Our Jobs Were Offshored, Not Stolen By China –

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For more a quarter century I have been explaining that America is not losing jobs to foreign competition but to our own corporations moving the work abroad in order to lower their labor costs and raise capital gains and bonuses for owners and executives. My most recent explanation was May 14 LINK

It only took 25 years for Cody Cain writing in Salon to discover this point LINK

Maybe in another 25 years the politicians in Washington will discover it.

Source: Our Jobs Were Offshored, Not Stolen By China –

Bilderberg 2019: Full Agenda and Participants List – Infowars

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The 67th Bilderberg Meeting will take place from 30 May – 2 June 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland. About 130 participants from 23 countries have confirmed their attendance. As ever, a diverse group of political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia, labour and the media has been invited.

The key topics for discussion this year are:

  1. A Stable Strategic Order
  2. What Next for Europe?
  3. Climate Change and Sustainability
  4. China
  5. Russia
  6. The Future of Capitalism
  7. Brexit
  8. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  9. The Weaponisation of Social Media
  10. The Importance of Space
  11. Cyber Threats

Source: Bilderberg 2019: Full Agenda and Participants List

The Tariff Issue –

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Americans, as they always do, got sold a bill of goods called “globalism.”  Globalism is the deception used to destroy labor unions, deprive the American work force of middle class jobs, and strip them of their bargaining power.  It is also the deception used by transnational agri-business to drive self-sufficient third world peoples off their land and convert the country’s agriculture into the production of a mono-crop export commodity.

The evil done by globalism has taken a toll on both first and third worlds.  It is entirely the result of first world capitalist profit-maximizing.  It has nothing to do with China.  

China is being blamed not because its industry produces cheaper than our industry, but as a scapegoat to hide from view the fact that US global corporations alone are the cause of the lost American jobs.  

Source: The Tariff Issue –

Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government – The New American – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

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At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy held recently, Pope Francis (shown in white) advocated a policy of decreased national sovereignty and increased global unity. A shift toward globalism is necessary, he said, in order to fight climate change and other worldwide “threats.”

“When a supranational common good is clearly identified, it is necessary to have a special authority legally and concordantly constituted capable of facilitating its implementation. We think of the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new forms of slavery and peace,” his holiness told those gathered to discuss “Nation, State, and Nation-State,” the conference theme.

Pope Francis put a pretty fine point on his message, claiming that planetary problems are exacerbated by “an excessive demand for sovereignty on the part of States.”

Source: Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government

NWO’s Pope Francis And His Soros-Inspired Globalism, Islamofascism – News With Views – Jim Kouri

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Following the surprise election of outsider Donald Trump to our nation’s highest elective office — a victory that sent shivers up and down the spines of the Washington, D.C. denizens — the elites realized they were in a fight for their very existence and their religious zeal is misplaced by the left’s adherence to principles — abortion, euthanasia, homosexual

The American people will never know how many tears were shed over their precious Hillary Clinton’s failure to win an election on Nov. 6, 2016. The socialists suddenly found that they needed to revise the plan emanating from the Deep State controllers and contributors so that they could push their radical leftist laws, regulations and policies.

Information gleaned from Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton’s and her campaign manager John Podesta’s emails, and DCLeaks documents from George Soros’ own Open Society Foundation corroborate that Soros’ private intelligence operatives” secretly met with top Vatican cardinals, according to the documents obtained by Conservative Base’s editor Jim Kouri.

Source: NWO’s Pope Francis And His Soros-Inspired Globalism, Islamofascism – News With Views


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The New World Order Globalists who had engineered and instigated both World War I and World War II now establish the United Nations as an embryonic World Government. The idea is sold as a means to prevent future wars.

The New York based Council on Foreign Relations hatches a long range plot to bring the nations of Europe under a single socialist system. But they are going to need a trusted “front man,” a creative “cover story” and a clever “gimmick” to sell this expensive scheme to a reluctant Congress and skeptical American public.

Established after World War I, the Council on Foreign Relations has since chosen most US Presidents, and crafted a Globalist foreign policy. The CFR was behind the “Marshall Plan,” a scheme from which the EUSSR grew out of.


Macron Defends European Union in Multi-language Tweet – Steve Byas

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In a 22-language tweet on Monday night, French President Emmanuel Macron declared, “We are at a pivotal moment for our continent.” In a spirited defense of the European Union (EU), Macron added, “We cannot let nationalists without solutions exploit the people’s anger.”

The occasion for the open letter to the “Citizens of Europe” was the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, held during this time when the secession of the United Kingdom from the EU is imminent. Macron was clearly angry about that looming secession, known as “Brexit,” which threatens the plans of globalists such as himself who despise national sovereignty. He condemned Brexit as an “irresponsible lie peddled by anger mongers backed by fake news.”

Source: Macron Defends European Union in Multi-language Tweet

Globalist Plan for Human Control

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Recognizing that there is and has been a century’s long shrouded plan to mastermind a worldwide Weltanschauung that puts a diabolical elite mastery over the billions of human beings, which make up the vast hordes of divinely created life on this planet, is a taboo topic in most cultures. The entire system of socially manufactured perception is a plot to keep people in line and docile. Mass societal pressure is dumped on anyone, who dares to put forth a confederacy organism of global rule explanation for understanding political, social and economic affairs. Keeping the enigma program for extending a cruel and deadly supremacy over mankind cannot be kept secret any longer.

Read the entire article on the Forbidden History archives

Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty – Selwyn Duke

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be preparing to step off the political stage, but she’s apparently going out not with a whimper but a globalist bang. This was signaled recently at an event organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where the German leader and ex-communist proclaimed, “In this day nation states must today — should today, I say — be ready to give up sovereignty,” according to the Express.

Ah, the difference between “must” and “should”: a spontaneous Freudian slip to the mind and two seconds in a speech — and a whole lot of power in government.

Speaking at the “Parliamentarianism Between Globalisation and National Sovereignty” event last month, Merkel impugned “populism” and “suggested countries should [must?] be willing to give up control over their own affairs and let organisations such as the European Union have more power,” as the Express summarized it. The paper called this “a veiled swipe at Brexit.” It was likely that — and more.

Source: Killing Nationalism: Merkel Says Nations Should Give Up Sovereignty

The war against globalism | Intrepid – Philip M. Giraldi

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Belgium has joined the list of countries that are rebelling against their elected leadership. Over the weekend the Belgian government fell over Prime Minister Charles Michel’s trip to Morocco to sign the United Nations Migration Agreement. The agreement made no distinction between legal and illegal migrants and regarded immigration as a positive phenomenon. The Belgian people apparently did not agree. Facebook registered 1,200 Belgians agreeing that the prime minister was a traitor. Some users expressed concern for their children’s futures, noting that Belgian democracy is dead. Others said they would get yellow vests and join the protests.

The unrest witnessed in a number of places is focused on some specific demands but it represents much broader anger. The French yellow vests initially protested against proposed increases in fuel taxes that would have affected working people dependent on transportation disproportionately. But when that demand was met by the government of President Emmanuel Macron, the demonstrations continued and even grew, suggesting that the grievances with the government were far more extensive than the issue of a single new tax. Perhaps not surprisingly, the French government is seeking a scapegoat and is investigating “Russian interference.” The US State Department inevitably agrees, claiming that Kremlin directed websites and social media are “amplifying the conflict.”

Source: The war against globalism | Intrepid

The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of This Most Unlikely Group – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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We are now living in a world that can be characterized as the Irresistible force vs the immovable object. Who will win the conflict vs the New World Order or the New World Populism? Globalism vs nationalism. God vs Satan. But it will likely be the slugs that decide America;s fate.

They call it the “Red Neck Riots”. The Pentagon is preparing for the take down of President Trump and the probable backlash of rioters in the street. President Trump will soon be indicted and convicted, by an Obama-appointed judge for misuse of campaign funds. The Senate will be bypassed in what should be an impeachment vote. However, the intent is to place the President in jail and this will accomplish the same thing as an impeachment trial and a conviction. This is the means to bypass a Republican controlled Senate that would not likely vote for an impeachment conviction.

Politically, the country can be divided into three major groups that I call the liberals, the conservatives and the slugs. Many estimates break the country down into the following allegiances by percentage that are listed in the following paragraphs.

Source: The Fate of America Lies in the Hands of This Most Unlikely Group – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The War Between God and Satan Manifests In Globalism vs Nationalism-Who Will Win? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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We are now living in a world that can be characterized as the Irresistible force vs the Immovable object. Who will win the conflict vs the New World Order or will it be the New World Populism? Globalism vs nationalism? God vs Satan? Which philosophy will prevail?

The famed father of modern sociology, Amatai, Etzioni, once said: “The family can exist without the state, but the state can never exist without the family”. 

Humans value family and are tribal by nature. These relationships are ingrained into our DNA and this represents the way in which were shaped by our creator. However, there are those that will never submit to the will of the creator and attempt to undo all that is good about our collective social nature. However, this satanic approach to modern society is doomed to failure. The globalists (ie satanists) are swimming upstream and will never erase the automatic programming that came with the creator’s version of humanity and unfortunately, for the globalists, this will never change. Transhumanism represents a fatally flawed attempt to undo human nature as it is an open rebellion in response to the will of God. At the heart of humanity, people do not care about globalism. Only the power-hungry globalists care about globalism because it will bring the wealthy despots more power.

Source: The War Between God and Satan Manifests In Globalism vs Nationalism-Who Will Win? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Nationalism Vs Globalism Defined – NewsWars

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David Knight breaks down the true definition of nationalism and how Emmanuel Macron is nothing more than a new face for the globalist policies of Henry Kissinger, putting a fresh spin on Kissinger’s now infamous quote “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

The amoral and Machiavellian strategies of Kissinger’s Realpolitik are the complete opposite of patriotism and Macron is once more selling the French people out to his globalist masters.

Source: Nationalism Vs Globalism Defined – NewsWars – David Knight

Globalism Free Trade Immigration Connection

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How is your life going under the Global Empire? If you answer honestly, for non billionaires, the response must reflect disappointment if not immense distress. Middle America stands on the precipice of oblivion. While the recent past decades have shown steep declines in financial security and net wealth, the future looks much more ominous. The link between the shift to an internationalist de-industrialization economy and open border immigration has hit the United States hard. This harsh reality is routinely denied in the financial press, but the social chaos that engulfs society is largely caused by this betrayal mindset. Corporatists are waging war against the American public.

Read the entire article on the Reign of Terror archives

The Globalist’s End Game- Deborah Tavares-CSS Hr 1 – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, former President Obama Soviet Studies professor, and former President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor stated “It is easier to kill a million” wrote a book in 1970 that accurately predicted the struggles that America faces today. The “easier to kill a million” comment marked a shift in globalist thinking. In order to defeat the rising tide of global populism a devastating world war is the only antidote to people’s desire for the right to self-determination. Seven years later, the prophetic nature of the quoted comment speaks to what is coming. Deborah Tavares explains the globalists and their end game for humanity. We are witnessing the attempted destruction of America, from rising sea water, to unrestrained and purposely set fires, the elite are playing their Trump card.

Source: The Globalist’s End Game- Deborah Tavares-CSS Hr 1 – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Bilderberg Meets to Discuss Threats to Globalist Agenda

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The annual Bilderberg meeting, taking place in Turin, Italy, this weekend, is bringing together key Deep State actors and potential useful idiots from across North America and Western Europe to discuss surging threats to their own agenda and power. Among the many topics of discussion, the globalist insiders and potential collaborators invited to this year’s meeting will focus on growing populist movements in Europe and what the network described in a press release as the “post-truth” world — presumably a reference to the fact that their propaganda organs are no longer able to control the narrative. But it may be too late to save their globalist agenda.

Like most years, over 130 insiders in business, government, military, foundations, banking, central banking, royalty, academia, technology, journalism, intelligence, and more will attend the 2018 secret meeting. Even a top Catholic official, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, will be there this year as an emissary of controversial leftwing Pope Francis, a fervent supporter of globalism and radical environmentalism. Also in attendance will be numerous senior leaders of international institutions including NATO and the United Nations. A number of prime ministers will be there, too.

Source: Bilderberg Meets to Discuss Threats to Globalist Agenda

To Congress, Macron used the terrified voice of dying globalism and enraged authoritarianism |

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It is never within man’s abilities to be perfect. That said, French President Emmanuel Macron came fairly close to perfection in his description of the world he envisions and wants imposed on the United States. It is a vision that, undoubtedly, will nauseate, infuriate, and worry those Americans who believe – as President Trump’s claims to – in an “America First”, non-interventionist foreign policy.

What is wrong with Macron? Macron demonstrated that he is either supremely arrogant and believes his vision – more properly the EU’s vision – is brilliant, unquestionably right, supremely moral, and cannot be challenged, or his intelligence services have utterly failed to provide him the data necessary to understand that Trump was not elected to conduct a steady-as-she-goes foreign policy. In his arrogance or ignorance, Macron reminded the pro-Trump citizenry of the hell that awaits them, their money, their republic, and their children’s lives if the Macron-voiced-vision of the internationalists’ “21st century world order” carries the day. Only a moron, it seems to me, would be uniformed about how much contemporary Americans hate a politician peddling the creation of a new “world order” of any type.

Source: To Congress, Macron used the terrified voice of dying globalism and enraged authoritarianism |

Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

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“Since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration a year ago, a war has raged within the White House between ‘nationalists and globalists,’” writes Stewart M. Patrick, in his blog post for January 26 entitled, “Trump at Davos: Nationalism, Globalism, and American Sovereignty.” A nationalist vs. globalist war is indeed raging, as we have been reporting in The New American, and not only in the White House. Patrick, to be sure, is on the side of the globalists. His blog, The Internationalist, is an official propaganda fount for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he works as the James H. Binger senior fellow in global governance and director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program. He is a leading voice for the globalist CFR presidium that has dominated every administration, whether Democrat or Republican, since World War II.

Source: Trump and the Nationalist-globalist War

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