Is Global Warming a Transhumanism Plot to End Most Life On the Planet? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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Does any reasonable person believe that the global warming crowd has changed their deceitful ways since they were caught producing fake data in what became known as “Climategate”? The evidence is stacking up and it shows that even government institutions, such as NOAA, are “cooking the books” and the resulting fraud is omnipresent. Look at a compaiison of temperatue reports on the same day, January 18, 2018 between 2 different sources of information. The NOAA report is listed first,  and a Brazilian report is listed second. NOAA’s date is the most widely quoted and the report shows dramatic global warming. However, the all-but-ignored Brazilian report speaks to a planet in which temperatures are dramatically cooling and this could ultimately prove fatal to humanity.

Source: Is Global Warming a Transhumanism Plot to End Most Life On the Planet? – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Bottom Line from the Paris Global Warming Summit

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The political climate after the carnage in Paris has shifted the main stream media’s attention to terrorism, security concerns and foreigner migration, disguised as refugees. The climate change cultists are not under the same spotlight, before the blood flowed in the streets of the City of Light. Even the twisted attempt At Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders Says Climate Change Helps Terrorism Spread, is not rejected out of hand.

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Weird Global Warming and Nuclear Science

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The catastrophic disaster that swept Japan into a new stone age is truly an earth-shattering milestone. Worldwide grief and empathy is real and deserved. If this occurrence were only, a script out of a Godzilla B movie, or just lyrics from a ringtone song, the hurt or the aftermath would not be so horrible.

you cannot run in any direction
no place to hide ain’t got no protection
it can be sorrow, blood, and destruction
but it can give you incredible emotion

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Climate Cultists want RICO Charges against Skeptics

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If you are as sick about hearing all the fantasy alarmists from the “Chicken Little” global warming crew, as us; it might just be time to recognize that there is no serious debate coming out of the academic careerists. Their arrogate contention that the SCIENCE is settled, is the height of authoritarian overbearing. From the offset, BREAKING ALL THE RULES has long established a rational and empirical argument why the acolytes of the theater of absurd asylum are far more dangerous than rising sea levels. Now the latest strategy is to persecute skeptics under RICO.

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