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The Cheney-Bush and Obama regimes destroyed due process, with the result that American citizens were detained in prison indefinitely without evidence and murdered without evidence or trial. In violation of US and international laws, the US government used torture to produce “terrorists,” who were not terrorists, in order to justify Washington’s wars, wars that have nothing whatsoever to do with “fighting terrorism.”

The Democratic Party’s Identity Politics’ successful demonization of white heterosexual males has made American universities unsafe for white heterosexual males. Any woman can accuse them of rape, and despite the absence of any evidence, and even in the face of complete evidence to the contrary, the university, in total violation of all known rules of due process, can convict the accused—indeed, conviction on accusation alone is mandatory in American universities—and destroy the reputation of the accused along with his ability to continue his education.

Source: Western Civilization No Longer Exists – PaulCraigRoberts.org

The Iraq War After 15 Years – Antiwar.com Original

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The pundits and “reporters” have stuck to their Iran fiction – even those who approve of the Iran nuclear deal talk as though it is the only thing that stands between the Islamic Republic and the nuclear arsenal that would promptly use to destroy Israel and the United States. And the establishment media – think of them collectively as America Today, or AT – have now added Russia to their roster of bogeymen ready to jump from every alley and slit our throats. Once again Americans are the target of a fear-mongering campaign that will have no other effect than to strengthen the national security/surveillance state and perhaps set off a shooting war, if not a nuclear war, against Russia in Syria, Ukraine, or eastern Europe.

Source: The Iraq War After 15 Years – Antiwar.com Original

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