The Pantheon And Western Civilization, by John Derbyshire – The Unz Review

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The Panthéon is a grand 18th-century building in Paris where notable French people have been interred since the Revolution. Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau are there; so are mathematicians Lagrange and Condorcet, novelists Victor Hugo and Émile Zola, physicists Pierre and Marie Curie, and many other notables of French national culture.

It was therefore very shocking to see a mob of several hundred young menrioting in the Panthéon last Friday. These were all blacks, illegal aliens from West Africa, demanding legal residence in France. After several hours they were removed by police, with 37 arrests made.

Source: The Pantheon And Western Civilization, by John Derbyshire – The Unz Review

London and Paris hypocritical on private military firms | Intrepid – Wayne Madsen

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Stung by the past exploits of mercenary companies, the Western military-intelligence complex came up with the term “private military companies” to mask the true nature of these corporate brigands. The PMC term stands as a stark example of “newspeak” employed by the CIA and their friends in Britain and France. Mercenary firms even have their own Washington, DC-based lobbying organization, the International Stability Operations Association, which, among other tasks, is keen to inform journalists that the use of the term “mercenary” for their member firms is pejorative in nature.

At issue presently for London and Paris, as well as for the increasingly powerful clique of neoconservatives in the Donald Trump administration, is the reported presence of the Wagner Group, a Russian PMC that is no different from dozens of internationally-active British, French, and American PMCs. Wagner Group is reportedly engaged in military and logistics operations in Syria, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Yemen, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela.

Source: London and Paris hypocritical on private military firms | Intrepid

The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron – Original – Justin Raimondo

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The EU was a joint project of Euro-intellectuals who wanted a super-socialist State and were afraid Europeans might turn away from “Europe.” They sought to create an ersatz Euro-nationalism that has still only caught on among deracinated yuppies and oligarchs, if anyone at all. What they wanted and still want is what every true state has – an army. Which Macron has been agitating about for some time now. He doesn’t want to persuade Italy and Poland and Hungary to take more refugees – he wants to force them. Even more, he wants a reliable force to crush domestic protests, one that is unlikely to sympathize with the protesters.

Source: The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron – Original

News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s – Frosty Wooldridge

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In the past four weeks, you witnessed thousands of French people rioting and stoning the police in the streets of Paris. While you heard from the main stream media that the entire ruckus revolves around gas taxes, the riptide undercurrent stems from mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

The French elite never experience the consequences of third world immigration, but the average French citizen must deal with rapes, schools collapsing, theft, trash on their streets, killings, Islamic jihad such as Paris and Nice, degraded neighborhoods, cultural displacement, and everyday fear of walking down the streets with the very real possibility of being raped or run over by an immigrant.

The French face being eaten alive and their culture degraded much like the 1974 novel Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. Some call it a brilliant novel on Europe’s descendance into cultural hell. Others call it ‘racist’ because the author attempted to warn the French people that endless immigration guaranteed the demise and displacement of the French out of their own country.

Source: News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s

EU Globalists – Enemy of the French and English

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Emmanuel Macron may be a few inches taller than Napoleon Bonaparte, but he isn’t qualified to carry the baggage of the emperor. In order to correctly understand the current EU globalist imperialism practiced by the technocrats in Brussels, one needs to comprehend that the Rothschilds hated Napoleon. M S King writes in NAPOLEON vs THE OLD AND NEW WORLD ORDERS!

December 1800: Jacobins nearly kill Napoleon

“Two months after their ‘Daggers Plot’ to kill Napoleon had been foiled, Rothschild’s Jacobins (forerunners of Communists) nearly succeed in blowing up Napoleon’s carriage with a massive bomb (Plot of the Rue Saint-Nicaise or “The Infernal Machine”).”

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