Ron and Rand Paul Call Out Foreign Policy Hysteria | The American Conservative

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When Mitt Romney called Russia America’s “number one geopolitical foe” during the 2012 election campaign, Barack Obama mocked him: “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.” Vice President Joe Biden dismissedRomney as a “Cold War holdover.” Hillary Clinton said Romney was “looking backward.” John Kerry said “Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia by watching Rocky IV.”

Romney’s Russia warning came at a time when Republicans were eager to exploitPresident Obama’s hot mic comments to Russian president Dmitri Medvedev where he promised “more flexibility” on missile defense issues after the election. Romney, to the delight of Republican hawks and neoconservatives, was eager to portray Obama as capitulatingweak, and dangerous. For his part, Obama, who once vowed to “reset” U.S.-Russia relations, painted Romney as outdated for disparaging diplomacy.

Source: Ron and Rand Paul Call Out Foreign Policy Hysteria | The American Conservative

Get On the Trump Peace Train! – Original

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There’s never a dull moment with the Trump administration, which means: never a moment of rest for the War Party. Trump keeps throwing fast balls at the pundits and assembled “experts,” and they keep striking out, bigtime, as the ball whizzes past their heads and lands, with a thwack!, in the catcher’s mitt.

“Steee-rike one!”

First it was the meet up with Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The media and their attendant policy wonks weren’t ready for Singapore, where the President gave Kim a glimpse of what his country could achieve if it would only come in from the cold and allow the warm embrace of the international community. And while the North Koreans have repeatedly pledged to give up their nukes, that’s not good enough for the universally negative “experts,” some of whom aren’t experts at all but merely former bloggers with history degrees. Now they’re citing fake news from NBC claiming that no less than eight anonymous “US officials” have stated that the North Koreans are covertly building up their nukes at a super-duper top secret site and it’s all a commie trick to – do what? Provoke an attack from an easily provoked Trump? Start World War III? Commit mass suicide?

Source: Get On the Trump Peace Train! – Original

Shangri-La Dialogue: Mattis Hawks Weapons and Hegemony

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The International Institute for Strategic Studies’s (IISS) annual Shangri-La Dialogue brings together diplomats, ministers, and representatives from around the world to discuss Asian security.

Researchers at Western think tanks including from the IISS itself have been promoting this year’s forum as an opportunity to sell Washington’s re-branded “Indo-Pacific” strategy and the continued primacy of the US and its “rules-based international order” across the region.

IISS researcher Lynn Kuok in her piece, “Shangri-La Dialogue: Negotiating the Indo-Pacific security landscape,” would also attempt to spin America’s strategy as anything but “anti-China.”

Yet US Defense Secretary James Mattis’ remarks at the forum opened almost immediately by referencing the 2018 National Defense Strategy (.pdf) in which China is described as:

Source: Land Destroyer

North Korea, Europe, and the Islamists: Two successes and a still bleeding, self-inflicted wound |

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The mere sight of President Trump sitting down at the table with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un was startling. I had thought that the only way out of the North Korean nuclear mess was war, one which I would have supported because it would have been the last resort that war always is meant to be.

But Trump and Pompeo — despite the sabotage efforts of Bolton and Giuliani — took a chance, engaged Kim, and produced a first-ever meeting between the two sides. Trump had the guts to try to undo the first and one of the most bitter fruits of unnecessary U.S. military interventionism, one that occurred because Truman thought himself unbound by the Constitution and went to war on his own authority — of which he had none — and under the abhorrent flag of the United Nations. Though still quite a long shot, if Trump gets the republic out of the Korean snare after 68 years he will have served Americans with the distinction that comes from obeying the Constitution and serving the citizenry. No matter how the initiative works out, Trump gets full marks for trying. And one can only conclude that those who see only see showboating in his meeting the North Korean dictator would have preferred a possible nuclear war.

Source: North Korea, Europe, and the Islamists: Two successes and a still bleeding, self-inflicted wound |

Land Destroyer: Tales of North Korean Abuses: No Facts, All Fiction

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Claims of North Korean human rights abuses spearheaded attempts to undermine US-North Korean negotiations in Singapore. While the talks are unlikely to change the long-laid agendas of special interests across the West who have cultivated and profit from the ongoing conflict, it is important to confront these claims and diminish the intended effect they are meant to have in buttressing the notion of American exceptionalism and justifying American interventionism.

One would expect such significant accusations to be backed up by an equally significant amount of evidence. Yet – like most of what the Western media produces and spreads among the public consciousness – there is little evidence at all.

It should be remembered that publications like the New York Times played a central role in previous episodes of baseless, intentionally dishonest campaigns of demonization.

It was the New York Times’ Judith Miller who fed audiences fabrications regarding “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq that helped build a public case for the disastrous 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

Source: Land Destroyer: Tales of North Korean Abuses: No Facts, All Fiction

A Trump Doctrine for Singapore and Beyond | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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Sunday, NSC adviser John Bolton spoke of a “Libyan model” for the North’s disarmament, referring to Moammar Gadhafi’s surrender of all his weapons of mass destruction in 2004. The U.S. was invited into Libya to pick them up and cart them off, whereupon sanctions were lifted.

As Libya was subsequently attacked by NATO and Gadhafi lynched, North Korea denounced Bolton and all this talk of the “Libyan model” of unilateral disarmament.

North Korea wants a step-by-step approach, each concession by Pyongyang to be met by a U.S. concession. And Bolton sitting beside Trump, and across the table from Kim Jong Un in Singapore, may be inhibiting.

Source: A Trump Doctrine for Singapore and Beyond | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong? – Original

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As news of the statement by the North Korean vice minister for foreign affairs Kim Kye Gwan spread, the usual suspects could hardly contain their glee: Trump’s vaunted Korean peace initiative had been a fraud all along! The summit was off! The North Koreans had been faking it, and Mr. Art of the Deal had been taken for a ride! Hurrah! Hurray! From Nicholas Kristof to Bill Kristol, the celebration was loud and the Twitterverse resounded with unrestrained gloating: finally the President’s enemies had earned the right to say “We told you so!”

Or so they thought. There’s just one problem, however: the celebrants are wrong. There’s nothing for these war-ghouls to cheer about. To begin with, the summit, as the US State Department has informed us, is on, and the US is making plans to accommodate the President’s trip to Singapore, where the meeting will take place.

Source: The Korea Story: Why Is the Media Getting It So Wrong? – Original

Is Putin’s Strategy Finally Beginning To Work? –

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Washington’s three main European vassal states, Britain, France, and Germany have objected to Trump’s unilateral action. Trump is of the opinion that the multi-nation agreement depends only on Washington. If Washington renounces the agreement, that is the end of the agreement. It doesn’t matter what the other parties to the agreement want. Consequently, Trump intends to reimpose the previous sanctions against doing business with Iran and to impose additional new sanctions. If Britain, France, and Germany continue with the business contracts that have been made with Iran, Washington will sanction its vassal states as well and prohibit activities of British, French, and German companies in the US. Clearly, Washington thinks that Europe’s profits in the US exceed what can be made in Iran and will fall in line with Washington’s decision, as the vassal states have done in the past.

Source: Is Putin’s Strategy Finally Beginning To Work? –

Why Write About Foreign Policy? – Original

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Why write about foreign policy at all? Why is it so important? And what does it have to do with libertarianism, the philosophy of limited government, free markets, and individual freedom?

The answer is fairly simple: we can’t have an empire and a republic at the same time. It is one or the other.

There is no way to limit the power of the government when it aspires to global hegemony. Such an entity demands a huge proportion of its subjects’ income: high taxes are a prerequisite. A would-be imperial power also requires a large degree of domestic control over the behavior of its citizens: after all, how can “national security” be secured and maintained if “sedition” is allowed to fester in the heart of the homeland?

Source: Why Write About Foreign Policy? – Original

Syrian Showdown: Trump vs. the Generals | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

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With ISIS on the run in Syria, President Trump this week declared that he intends to make good on his promise to bring the troops home.

“I want to get out. I want to bring our troops back home,” said the president. We’ve gotten “nothing out of the $7 trillion (spent) in the Middle East in the last 17 years. … So, it’s time.”

Not so fast, Mr. President.

Source: Syrian Showdown: Trump vs. the Generals | Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Land Destroyer: US Propaganda Collapses in Syria, But Threats Remain

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Propaganda used by the United States and its partners amid its destructive campaign of regime change aimed at the Syrian government has collapsed. Western media platforms find themselves relying on increasingly absurd narratives told to an increasingly smaller audience. They also find themselves the targets of growing criticism from around the world.

Source: Land Destroyer: US Propaganda Collapses in Syria, But Threats Remain

Is Washington Sufficiently Intelligent to Be Trusted with an Independent Foreign Policy? –

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As I figured would be the case, Putin’s message to the West that Russia cannot be intimidated and that the nations must work together to deal with world problems was far over the heads of the dumbshit “exceptional” Americans. CNN rushed out an idiot named Samantha Vinograd who served as a staffer on Obama’s National Security Council to declare that Putin’s speech was only aimed at one person in the world—President Trump. LINK

Source: Is Washington Sufficiently Intelligent to Be Trusted with an Independent Foreign Policy? –

Tillerson’s Latin America Trip an Attempt to Topple Venezuela’s Maduro – Envoy – Sputnik International

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Alicia Castro, the former Argentinian ambassador to Venezuela and the UK, has commented to Sputnik on US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s trip to Latin America.

According to Castro, there is documented evidence that the United States has a plan to topple the Venezuelan government and Rex Tillerson’s trip’s goal is  to coordinate this plan. One of the plan’s targets is capturing Venezuelan oil.

Source: Tillerson’s Latin America Trip an Attempt to Topple Venezuela’s Maduro – Envoy – Sputnik International

Failure of War Party Foreign Policy

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The continuous foreign policy failures of the entrenched establishment goes back well over a century. Notwithstanding, the missed opportunity with the collapse of the Soviet Communism has emboldened the war party of the American Empire to become the main existential threat not only to our own country, but to much of the rest of the world. The militarists who chant “Thank You for your Service” are actually committed to expand the Wounded Warrior dupes, who are expendable. The United States never learned the lessons of Viet Nam. Volunteering to fight in unnecessary foreign adventures has caused more gratuitous suffering than any improvised explosive device that blows off limbs.

Read the essay on the “Reign of Terror” archives

US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World – Original

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Ahead of a vote in the United Nations’ General Assembly on a resolution condemning US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, president D – Thomas Knapp for Original

Source: US Foreign Aid: Bad for America, Bad for the World – Original

Zionist Wars for a Greater Israel

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Most timid Americans would avoid any serious discussion on the true causes of a continuous failed foreign policy that only benefits Israel while costing our own country any chance of real national security and a prosperous society. The mere mention of the term Jew is usually enough for being banded to the back of the room and shunned as one of those haters. Unfortunately, President Trump has succumbed to this fallacious political correctness. In order to correctly understand the framework of the detrimental circumstances that propagate the decline of the American Empire, the clear-headed observer must confront why the United States remains a vassal to the Zionist myth that Israel is a valuable ally to our country.

Read the entire article on the Forbidden History archives

Nest Gems – Rogue Terrorism for a Greater Israel

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Most peoples that resist the power politics of Zionism condemn aggressive actions of the outlaw Israeli state regularly. Yet most of the western democracies that are under the control of Talmud media and Khazar finance continue to defend the apartheid policies that are designed to purge any prospect of Palestinian, right to return, to the land of their forced removal. No matter what your politics are regarding the Middle East, the indisputable fact exists that the Greater Israeldesign for expanded territory is a core impediment of this interminable conflict.

Read the entire article on the Strappado Wrack archives


Red China is a Creation of Globalists

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If one is blind to the truthful account of history, understanding of current events will never break the mind controlled barrier of sanitized awareness. The globalists or whatever synonym name you choose personifies the forces behind the screens that shape the political, economic and cultural impositions on the world. China has not been immune to the infliction of obscurity in the implementation of what actually is driving their regime. As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times”, has proven to be much more than a platitude, it is a model for planetary enslavement. How did this conquest begin and where is it going?

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President Trump: The only America First Afghan policy is to get out of Afghanistan

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Just when you think that you have heard all of the asinine ideas possible about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, out comes one that is so hideously ridiculous that you must assume the authors are demented and writing from a well-secured asylum.

The quote below comes from an article about the future of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan that was in the USA Today Network on 14 July 2017. The article discusses several U.S. options in Afghanistan, but the one that takes the cake is the brainchild of two champions of the war in Iraq, who — as Tucker Carlson correctly said about Max Boot — can be relied on to propose ideas that will start unnecessary and always losing wars for the republic. The article’s authors are Michael O’Hanlon, an analyst from the Brookings Institution, who was orgasmic over invading Iraq, and the former general/now-felon David Petraeus, who lost the war in Iraq and helped lose the one in Afghanistan The article refers to some recent work by these two brain-dead beauties.

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