Doxxing And Journalists: They Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It |

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Musk, like so many others, is frustrated about his treatment at the hands of the media. He recently mused about the idea of creating a website to track the credibility of journalists.

Journalists responded with outrage. They reacted as if they had suffered lèse majesté, as if no one was allowed to criticize journalists. They were especially angry when one journalist said the media serves as a check on powerful people and Musk responded, “Who do you think “owns” the press? Hello.”

Reporters promptly erupted and started saying Musk was being anti-Semitic. That’s on them. Elon Musk was obviously saying journalists are paid by powerful people and serve the interests of those powerful people. This is obviously true.

It’s absurd to pretend journalists speak truth to power. They speak power to truth. Much of what journalists do these days consists of attacking ordinary people with slightly unorthodox opinions and trying to destroy them.

Source: Doxxing And Journalists: They Can Dish It Out But Can’t |

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