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Though Left-wing media — mainstream and otherwise — have portrayed Patrick Crusius (shown), the cowardly, hate-filled shooter in the El Paso massacre, as a “Right-winger,” the reality is that his manifesto (which the Left-wing media refuse to publish, while selectively quoting) shows that he was clearly motivated by Left-wing ideology. In other words, the Left caused the shooting and then blamed it on the Right.

Examples of Leftist media blaming the shooting on Right-wing ideology are legion. For instance, CrooksAndLiars, a liberal “news” site, claimed in an August 5 headline that “El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto Uses Trump And Right Wing Talking Points” and includes such calumnies as, “his ‘manifesto’ hate screed is filled with talking points and terminology used by Donald Trump at his Nazi MAGA rallies and FOX News hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.” Now, that is a broad brush indeed. And despite its extreme breadth, it still managed to hit the wrong target while skillfully avoiding the correct one. In case their readers are so dull as to miss the point of the article, the writer of that erroneous piece ended with, “The only way to try to pull us back from the brink of a straight up civil war is stricter gun control laws and to vote Donald Trump out. He is the cancer. He is the tumor. He is the sickness infecting our country.”

Source: Despite Leftist Media Claims, El Paso Shooter Is One of Them

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