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“YOU CAN’T FOOL MAIN STREET,” writes the reliable economist John Williams of his politically incorrect yet economically accurate Shadow Stats website.

He reminds us that the average person, not the government, has a precise conception of how he or she is doing, and the consensus is not so hot.

The Jews who own the Fed have gouged us with compounded interest in their loans to the government which according to the Constitution can coin its own money WITHOUT interest.

Source: Economic Boom For Jews Only | Real Jew News

Eastman’s Analogy | richard writings

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The human race with its nations, national monetary systems and national economies is analogous to the human body with its cells, heart, circulatory systems.

A nation borrowing its entire national money supply from international Jewish bankers at compound when national governments can produce their own money for the cost of engraving a legal tender declaration on a piece of paper or keyboarding a new deposit in an electronic account is is analogous to a human being agreeing to buy all blood for his body from a medical quack and not relying on his own perfectly good heart to pump blood manufactured using his own perfectly good kidneys and marrow at no cost to himself.

Jewish internationalism, international communism, neo-liberalism, world government by banker appointed bureaucrats, Jewish banker owner global corporations, and, in short, organized crime running the world unconstrained by representative governments and organic national law is analogous to a cancer and/or a parasite that penetrates cell walls and functions to defeat the immune system, to turn the immune system against itself

Source: Eastman’s Analogy | richard writings

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