The President Does Not Have Unlimited Power to Declare War | The American Conservative

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The Constitution is not like a restricted railroad ticket, good for this day and train only. Neither is it deaf to changed circumstances or the force of better reasoning. Article V authorizes amendments by two thirds of the House and Senate and three fourths of the States. Twenty-seven amendments have been ratified over the course of 228 years, including the Bill of Rights, the Civil War Amendments, and a two-term limit for the presidency. But Mr. Buckley can no more repeal the Declare War Clause by shouting about its alleged unworkability than anti-gun zealots can repeal the Second Amendment’s individual right to keep and bear arms by decrying the use of firearms to commit murder. Mr. Buckley’s reasoning invites every man to become a law unto himself and pick and choose which constitutional prescriptions to obey.

Source: The President Does Not Have Unlimited Power to Declare War | The American Conservative

Déjà vu – Article V Constitutional Amendment Options

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With all the controversy coming from the Mark Levin argument that Liberty Amendments could be enacted by using Article V, which allows for individual States to use a convention for proposing amendments, to the U.S. Constitution, it is worth an examination. A good primer is offered by the Tea Party Patriots in a webinar symposium, in a four- part-session. The first was held online, 1/7/14 was attended to this report. The next three are scheduled for 1/14/14. 1/21/14 and 1/28/14. Those who view this approach as a viable option might want to engage in the Tea Party Community discussion.

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