Mainline and Catholic Churches Can End Zionist Wars – We Hold These Truths

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An organized structure exists that can bring wars to an end. It is somewhere within the long forgotten, slumbering Mainline and Catholic churches. It is you whom we are speaking to. You possess the organization, money needed, and the purpose.  Some of your denominations already have anti-war movements. What you may lack is an understanding of Neo-Christian Zionism, and the will to face it. Simply stated, your leaders may not see the need to challenge World Zionism, and they want peace within your halls.  But is there a church that does not recognize Jesus’ Beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.”

Source: Mainline and Catholic Churches Can End Zionist WarsWe Hold These Truths

Christian Zionism: The World’s Newest Religion We Hold These Truths

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The idea of Christ Followers supporting political Israel is a movement no more than 70 years old, having no roots in, nor identity with the Evangelical Movement that helped to found and define America.

Recent reviews of Wikipedia posts reveal that Christian Zionists’ claim to being a traditional or evangelical religion is based on distortions of statements made by several church founders. These including Charles Wesley and Puritan, John Owen. In fact, Christian Zionists, from the Southern Baptist Convention to hundreds of independent dispensational churches, is in its entirety a new religion. It is dating back only to 1948, the date the State of Israel was created by the US-dominated, post-WWII United Nations. It appears to have no theological connection to the “Restorationism” movement of the 16th to 18th centuries. Those founders desired to convert all “Jews” to be Christ Followers, but say nothing about supporting a political, warring state of Israel.

Source: Christian Zionism: The World’s Newest ReligionWe Hold These Truths

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