California Election System in Mayhem – American Free Press – John Friend

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Voter fraud and corruption is a very real problem, even in so-called “advanced democracies,” such as the United States. For example, changes made in 2016 to AB1921, a California state law dealing with collecting and submitting voter ballots, may have exacerbated the problem in the Golden State, at least according to some political experts.

Prior to 2016, California election laws stated that voters wishing to vote by mail had to either mail their ballot in or have a family or household member submit the ballot on their behalf at their local polling place. The changes made to AB1921 and signed into law in 2016 by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown updated the law to allow anyone to return mail ballots on behalf of other voters. Called “ballot harvesting,” the updates allowed third parties—really anyone—to collect ballots from voters and submit them to election officials with little oversight.

Source: California Election System in Mayhem – American Free Press

The Twilight Zone Has Moved Its Headquarters to Oakland California

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Will Governor Jerry Brown Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned… | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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“The California Governor currently works for a criminal cabal of foreign globalists,not the residents of California.  He may not even know whose giving the orders,or care, he’s such a New World Order fanatic.  Not only is Gov. Brown Jesuit-trained, he’s also a zealous frontman of the Global Warming scam. He allowed his state to be geoengineered into a disastrous drought, and then terrorized by catastrophic man made wildfires.  Brown knows that climate change is the latest bogeyman that his masters will use as the new control mechanism for the planned One World Government.  This Guv is such a hardcore globalist they probably don’t even have to bribe and/or blackmail him to carry out their transparently anti-American NWO agenda.”— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer

Source: Will Governor Jerry Brown Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned… | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

Trump’s California “War” Zone Visit: Border Wall, Marines, Jerry Brown, Beverly Hills

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The New American recognized the enormous crisis that was brewing with illegal immigration and our broken borders decades ago. A series of reports on the border crisis by this reporter more than 30 years ago culminated in the 1988 video documentary, Out of Control: The Immigration Invasion, which showed thousands of illegal aliens pouring across the Otay Mesa (where President Trump’s press conference took place) and other critical areas all along our southern border. These were not only from Mexico and Latin America, we pointed out, but also from over 100 countries, including China, Syria, Russia, and all parts of the Middle East and Africa. In some of our documentary footage, we show sections of the then-existing flimsy border fence between San Diego and Tijuana that had huge holes ripped in it, allowing foot traffic, or even automobile and truck traffic, to stream through. We noted at the time that only an adequately manned, substantial wall would suffice to stem this tide and provide real border security. Now, 30 years later, it may finally be built.

Source: Trump’s California “War” Zone Visit: Border Wall, Marines, Jerry Brown, Beverly Hills

Corporate Farms Control of Water

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Water and air are the most important resources on the planet. Breathing clean air seems to be accepted as a noble goal and the cost attributed to its improvement is usually universally accepted. However, the same cannot be said about access to fresh water as big business interests often argues. Many corporate interests contend that private ownership of public water out- weighs the rights of actual property owners. Corporate agriculture is quite different from traditional family farming. Yet, the factory farms that have taken over agribusiness demonstrate little regard for preserving a viable water supply.

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