Memo to Trump: Declare an emergency – WND – Patrick Buchanan

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In the long run, history will validate Donald Trump’s stand on a border wall to defend the sovereignty and security of the United States.

Why? Because mass migration from the global South, not climate change, is the real existential crisis of the West.

The American people know this, and even the elites sense it.

Think not? Well, check out the leading liberal newspapers Thursday.

The Washington Post and the New York Times each had two front-page stories about the president’s battle with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on funding the border wall.

Source: Memo to Trump: Declare an emergency – WND

News With Views | Totally Shut Down All Immigration Into The United States Of America – Frosty Wooldridge

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At some point, in the near future, the United States of America must shut down its borders to further foreign immigration. This country, and its citizens, cannot maintain responsibility for the rest of the world’s failed countries or their citizens. America does not need or want the best and/or the brightest citizens from other countries. America cannot sustain itself with the countless millions of refugees around the world. America cannot continue as the charity ward of the world.

Article 4 Section IV of the United States Constitution gives the president of the United States the power to stop any illegal advancement or invasion into all 50 states of the Union.

“President Trump was right to order troops to our border with Mexico to reinforce our overworked law enforcement officials and protect our sovereignty. No amount of leftist protestations should distract us from the fact that the primary purpose of our military is to provide security to America. And that’s exactly what the men and women in our military are doing.” — Retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony J. Tata

Source: News With Views | Totally Shut Down All Immigration Into The United States Of America

Regional bodies invest in rigid borders | Intrepid

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Regional international organizations formed to keep the peace are loathe to adjusting borders, even if such changes maintain the peace. For example, when Kosovo President Hashim Thaci recently proposed “a correction” of its border with Serbia, active and retired diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic warned against the idea. Their reasoning is flawed.

In an interview with the Albanian service of the Voice of America, Thaci supported a joint Serbia-Kosovo agreement that would “redefined” their 250-mile long border. A “corrected border” may allow 55,000 ethnic Albanians currently living in Serbia’s Presevo Valley to join Kosovo. In return, 50,000 ethnic Serbs living in Kosovo north of the Ibar River in northern Mitrovica would be permitted to join Serbia.

Source: Regional bodies invest in rigid borders | Intrepid

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