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Racism gallops across the American landscape hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and throughout the year.  Everyone assumes that whites cause racism, and blacks suffer victimhood from this phenomenon. But if you travel to Africa, blacks dislike whites and even kill them. In South Africa, the current black government leaders call for ridding that country of all four million whites.

Andile Mngxitama, president of Black First Land First (BLF), spoke at a rally last weekend in in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg, where he urged the crowd to kill white people, their children and their pets. (Source:, 12/14/18)

In America, blacks call whites “crackers, honkies, whitey….” and a dozen other nicknames. Whites call blacks…well, you can name a half dozen right off the bat. The fact remains: America continues as a racially conflicted society.

Source: News With Views | White Privilege Versus Black Privilege In America


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Though not invoked nearly as often as slavery or segregation, the Left has repeatedly utilized the shameful wartime internment of 100,000 Japanese-Americans as one its many attack arrows aimed at the history of evil, “racist” ™ America. However, in a stunning display of Orwellian “doublethink,” St. Franklin Demono Roosevelt — the Leftist president who issued the Executive Order to round-up and intern the Japanese, along with a companion EO freezing their assets, remains revered and untouchable. The continuing worship of Roosevelt, in spite of his truly racist EO’s, represents further proof that Marxists do not care at all about “oppressed” minorities, while their useful idiot libtard dupes lack any capacity for critical analysis.

Roosevelt’s treatment of Japanese Americans wasn’t the only case in which the holiest of libtard icons disrespected and abused “people of color” . Wait until “youse guys” hear what hell FDR and his Red henchmen unleashed upon two of America’s most well-known sports legends and cultural phenomenons — both of whom were Black, and both of whom were Republicans.


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