America: A Prisoner of Our ‘Allies’ – Original

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All the Very Serious People are tweeting and retweeting this “iconic” photo of Trump surrounded by the Euro-weenies, with Angela Merkel seeming to lecture the President while the rest of our faithless “allies” look on. It’s “America Alone” –   the visual representation of the internationalist worldview: Trump’s policy of “America First” is “isolating” us, and, according to clueless leftists like Michael Moore, Merkel is now the “leader” of the “free world.”

This last is good news indeed, for if Merkel is the new leader of the “free world” then the stationing of 35,000 US troops in Germany – at a cost of billions annually – is no longer required and we can bring them home. This also means Germany, rather than the US, will be sending troops all over the world to fight “terrorism” – a move that is sure to cause consternation in certain regions with a history of German intervention, but hey, somebody has to do it!

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Time to go Angela! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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Chancellor Angela Merkel: Time to Retire After a Distinguished Career!Germany is a country I have longed admired. Despite that it initiated two major world wars, it has always risen to the forefront of international finances/politics with an alacrity.

Source: Time to go Angela! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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