To sway Trump, Bolton pitches defensive Iran war – Asian Times – Alison Tahmizian Meuse

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Negar Mortazavi, a journalist and commentator covering Iran, says Bolton is aware that times have changed in Washington since the lead-up to 2003. 

“It is very hard to sell a war to the American people after Iraq, after Afghanistan, and after the president ran on a campaign of not starting one,” she told Asia Times. 

Trump early in his presidency was even hostile to the idea of taking on Bolton, choosing instead the maverick Michael Flynn (later convicted of lying to the FBI), then the circumspect General HR. McMaster, before agreeing to Bolton last April.

“I don’t think Bolton’s goal has changed since working for Trump, but I feel like the strategy or packaging has changed,” said Mortazavi. “What Bolton is doing is packaging this as defense, as opposed to an invasion, and trying to provoke the Iranians to take the first step.

Source: Asia Times | To sway Trump, Bolton pitches defensive Iran war | Article

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