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In a speech at Harvard University in 1978 Alexandre Solzhenitsyn to the dismay of many American stuffed-shirt, political patriots bewailed the self-centered condition of the United States of America and its people.  Pseudo-Christian former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn publically berated the speech.  Others considered it impolite and lacking in gratitude toward a nation that had granted him asylum.  To our detriment the accuracy of the speech was never properly considered.

Solzhenitsyn blamed a lack of civil courage as a key problem.   This dearth of civil courage is glaringly evident in the supine response of the people to the ever encroaching tyranny of government.

The heresy of Humanism has contributed to the self-centeredness of Americans and most of Western civilization.  Risking lives in a pursuit of truth and freedom is anachronistic and to the coming generation of Americans, Patrick Henry’s vow to “Give me liberty or give me death” seems a bit foolish.

Godlessness is reality in America.  The Russian people have lived through the terror ridden results of a godless government;  Americans have escaped but just now are beginning to feel its claws.

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