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Against the outcries and warnings of the mandarins of the establishment, the President is withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan. America’s longest war ends in a in a deal that was offered years ago but was rejected by the same dead-enders in the Pentagon who are pouting mightily at the moment.

Meanwhile Trump continues to hurl regular fusillades at deadbeat NATO, and, most important of all, he continues the process begun at Singapore – pulling the rug out from under a longtime bastion of the military-industrial complex. His meetings with Kim Jong un are a dire threat to the incredibly lucrative cornucopia of cash, careers, and elite prestige that comes out of that long-frozen conflict to this day.

That’s where the chorus of opposition is coming from and, the closer the Koreans get to an agreement, every kind of (state-sponsored) “@expert” is bound to pop out of the wall averring that no agreement is possible.

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War is Good for Business and Organized Crime: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Opium Trade. Rising Heroin Addiction in the US – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Michel Chossudovsky

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Afghanistan’s opium economy is a multibillion dollar operation which has a direct impact on the surge of  heroin addiction in the US.  

Despite president Trump’s announced US troop withdrawal, the Afghan opium trade continues to flourish. It is protected by US-NATO occupation forces on behalf of a nexus of powerful financial and criminal  interests. 

Source: War is Good for Business and Organized Crime: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Opium Trade. Rising Heroin Addiction in the US – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

US Troops Aren’t Coming Home…Soon | Real Jew News

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IT’S A BOILING POT ready to erupt and no one knows what the spoon will pull out.

And when it comes to ’sworn’ testimonies in midnight tweets, Trump’s policies digitized on Twitter are hard hunks to swallow.

Rand Paul might be the first to have the spoon stuck down his throat.

“Americans are tired of war,” Paul told CNN today regarding Trump’s tweeted Syrian pullout, “money spent on combat abroad is better spent on roads, bridges, and schools at home.”

Last April the senator specified that Trump confided that “We’re getting the hell out of Afghanistan” assuring him he’d be returning to the non-interventionist policies that he championed as a candidate.

Source: US Troops Aren’t Coming Home…Soon | Real Jew News

Non-Intervention – At last, Mr. President, thank you for making the republic’s survival seem possible – Michael F. Scheuer

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The great bulk of Americans, Mr. President, are ebullient over your decision to remove our troops from Syria, and soon from Afghanistan. Since the start of those two murderous misadventures, in 2001 and 2003, many American parents have welcomed home from war only dead; legless, blind, or armless; or mentally troubled children. No victories, no end of wasteful spending, no national government concern for dead, save for a few faux tears at Andrews Air Force Base, and no general officer competent – or, seemingly, willing — to lead our troops in a way that ensures America wins. Mr. President, the beginning of the end of the governing elite’s 70-years of military interventionism is a precious Christmas gift to Americans, their children, and their hopes for the republic’s recovery.

We never had a genuine national-interest reason for going to war in Iraq or Syria, and only justification for an annihilative, 15-18-month punitive campaign in Afghanistan. All those wars are now lost, which is the traditional manner of American war-making since V-J Day in 1945. You, Mr. President, have taken a large step to permanently ending military interventionism as the first option for presidents, their advisers, the Congress, and their senior civil servants. You also have laid down a marker to the U.S. corps of flag officers; namely, Americans have no time or respect for you if you do not win wars, or if you take U.S. troops to wars you know the president does not intend to win.

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Afghanistan takes center stage in the New Great Game | Asia Times

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In the “graveyard of empires,” Afghanistan never ceases to deliver geopolitical and historical twists. Last week in Moscow, another crucial chapter in this epic story was written when Russia pledged to use its diplomatic muscle to spur peace efforts in the war-torn country.

Flanked by Afghan representatives and their Taliban rivals, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov talked about “working together with Afghanistan’s regional partners and friends who have gathered at this table.”

“I am counting on you holding a serious and constructive conversation that will justify the hopes of the Afghan people,” he said.

Source: Afghanistan takes center stage in the New Great Game | Asia Times

News With Views | Why In The Hell Are We Still Fighting In Afghanistan?

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During an interview with the National Public Radio recently, the reporter said, “Afghanistan costs American taxpayers $30 billion annually, down from $112 billion in 2010.”

When you add up the costs over 17 years, as well as factor in the collateral costs, estimates range from $5 to $7 trillion.

When you factor in the 4,100 dead American soldiers, along with thousands suffering from PTSD, along with all the missing limbs from IED’s, that war reminds us of Hemingway’s line in his epic book, For Whom The Bell Tolls. “It tolls for thee.”

Source: News With Views | Why In The Hell Are We Still Fighting In Afghanistan?

Trump’s Peace Train: Next Stop, Afghanistan – Antiwar.com Original

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The Christmas truce of 1914 was something truly miraculous. There, in the midst of a vicious war – really the first modern war, in which air power and advanced gunnery both played a part for the first time – the two sides not only laid down their arms, but they also consorted and celebrated the pause in the senseless interminable slaughter. When it was over, they went back to destroying European civilization, but for a moment there a vision of what peace would be like if people took their fate into their own hands was readily apparent. Yes, we always drag out this example, every Christmas, as a lesson in what might be and should be – but could anything like that legendary truce happen today?

Well, it has happened, and in the most unlikely place imaginable – the wilds of Afghanistan, whose stony landscape has absorbed so much blood that I’m surprised the earth itself hasn’t liquefied. As the Washington Post reports:

Source: Trump’s Peace Train: Next Stop, Afghanistan – Antiwar.com Original

Déjà vu – Global Gulag – All’s well with Afghanistan opium trade

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Business is booming! “Two years after the ousting of the Taliban regime, which had cracked down ruthlessly on the cultivation of opium, production of the substance last year hit 3,600 tones, up 6 per cent over the previous year, and surveys of farmers show a further increase is likely this year.” This war against terrorists is great for the drug trade. See any pattern when troops are garrisoned? The protection racket just runs their traffic with more efficiency.

Read the entire article on the “Global Gulag” archives

Over 350,000 Killed by Violence, $4.4 Trillion Spent and Obligated

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The wars begun in 2001 have been tremendously painful for millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, and the United States, and economically costly as well. Each additional month and year of war adds to that toll. Moreover, the human costs of these conflicts will reverberate for years to come in each of those four countries. There is no turning the page on the wars with the end of hostilities, and there is even more need as a result to understand what those wars’ consequences are and will be.

The goal of the Costs of War Project has been to outline a broad understanding of the domestic and international costs and consequences of those wars. A team of 30 economists, anthropologists, political scientists, legal experts, and physicians were assembled to do this analysis. Their research papers are posted and summarized on this website.

We asked:

What have been the wars’ costs in human and economic terms?
How have these wars changed the social and political landscape of the United States and the countries where the wars have been waged?
What have been the public health consequences of the wars?
What will be the long term legacy of these conflicts for veterans?
What is the long term economic effect of these wars likely to be?
Were and are there alternative less costly and more effective ways to prevent further terror attacks?

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CIA Money Landed in Al Qaeda’s Hands: Report

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About $1 million of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s money, given to a secret Afghan government fund in 2010, ended up in al Qaeda’s possession after it was used to pay part of a ransom for a diplomat kidnapped by the terror group, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The CIA regularly bankrolled that coffer with monthly cash deliveries to the presidential palace in Kabul, as it has done for more than a decade. Along with another $4 million total provided by several other countries, the Afghan government paid off a $5 million ransom demanded by al Qaeda in exchange for freeing Afghan general consul Abdul Khaliq Farahi, kidnapped in Pakistan in 2008.

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