Wars for Israel, Mass Immigration, Sodomy: Republican Boy-Wonder Charlie Kirk Gives the People What They Want

Charlie Kirk is the frontman for Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a non-profit organization that focuses on pushing the positions of the Republican party’s elite on the young. So, as you’d expect, Kirk is a big fan of Israel, immigration and the gay agenda. 

But Kirk has been getting push-back. His most recent speaking event turned into a debacle when nationalists took over the question-and-answer session to force Kirk to explain why he and other apologists for the establishment keep betraying their constituents.

Libertarianism, sodomy, Zionism and mass demographic replacement are not intuitive or popular political positions, as TPUSA’s question and answer sessions show. This is a fusion of interests conservative leaders represent in Washington produced by a small minority of people using politics to line their pockets or help their tribe rule the world, thus nullifying votes from the GOP “base.”

Trump has no choice but to acquiesce to the repulsive vision promoted by TPUSA because their benefactors are also his and the GOP party machine.

Mike Leven, another Zionist activist bankrolling TPUSA, sits on the organization’s advisory council. Leven made his money as the number two at Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands – a Jewish gambling operation, and is broadly seen as a representative of Adelson’s will.

Adelson is currently the most important and influential donor in the Republican party. His massive influence is used to dictate president Trump’s policies, primarily on Middle East affairs, but increasingly on trade. Adelson was able to compel Trump to roll back his administration’s hard stance on trade with China after it began to eat into the profits of Jewish gambling interests in Macau.

Source: Wars for Israel, Mass Immigration, Sodomy: Republican Boy-Wonder Charlie Kirk Gives the People What They Want

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