US blames Palestinians for Israeli state terror against them | Intrepid – Stephen Lendman

Israel is a Ziofascist police state, masquerading as democratic, a notion it abhors.

It’s hostile to Muslims and other non-Jews—state terrorism its favored strategy against millions of long-suffering Palestinians.

They endure mass arrests, abductions, imprisonments for political reasons, torture, and other forms of persecution.

In its latest quarterly report through September, the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said that around “5,000 Palestinian political prisoners” languish under gulag conditions in Israeli prisons, justice denied them.

Among them are “425…administrative detainees”—held uncharged and untried, one of many examples of Israeli apartheid ruthlessness.

Included are 190 children, 43 women, and seven Palestinian legislators for the “crime” of belonging to the wrong party.

Addameer explained that attacks on human rights workers in Israel and the Territories continue unabated. Prisoners are tortured and otherwise abused. Medical neglect is longstanding policy, seriously ill prisoners notably denied treatment.

Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member, civil society leader, human rights champion Khalida Jarrar was arrested, detained, and abused four times in the past 30 years.

Most recently, she was held for 20 months uncharged, released in February, then rearrested last week for the “crime” of wanting to live free from Israel’s repressive boot.

Scores of heavily armed Israeli soldiers stormed her home pre-dawn. Explaining what happened, her daughter Suha said the following: “Israel’s goal is to rob from us our stability and our lives, and to keep us living in a state of anxiety and waiting, but we know very well that it is an occupation, and we believe that we will not break in spite of everything they do,” adding that her mother suffers from various illnesses, requiring medications, and regular care—not gotten in detention.

Israel and the US partner in each other’s high crimes of war and against humanity.

Historic Palestine is occupied and controlled by Israeli combat troops, police and other security forces, its people persecuted, their fundamental rights denied.

In its annual country report on terrorism, the State Department falsely called Israel a US “counterterrorism partner.”

Polar opposite is true, both countries partnered in state terrorism against sovereign nations, groups and individuals.

The report falsely claimed Israel faces a “broad range of threats in the Middle East.” The only threats faced by the Jewish state and the US are invented. No real ones exist.

Source: US blames Palestinians for Israeli state terror against them | Intrepid

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