The Israeli elections: Who Cares?, by Israel Shamir – The Unz Review

Probably here is the right moment to remind the reader that in this story there are no good guys. Israeli politicians, whether pro-Trump or pro-Democrat, are equally evil and bloodthirsty. Prime Minister Netanyahu is complicit in uncountable murders of civilians, though the Israeli media only accuses of some financial irregularities. Killing Palestinians, bombing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, inciting US wars from Iran to Afghanistan is a feather in Netanyahu’s cap, according to Israeli morals. His opponent Benny Gantz is a war criminal who is wanted for numerous war crimes he committed in 2014 as the commander of the Israeli assault on Gaza. He actually boasted of committing mass murder in his campaign ads.

The Palestinians and their fate haven’t been on the agenda in these elections. The parties did not even bother to propose some treatment to this terrible state, when millions of human beings are deprived of most basic rights just because they aren’t Jews. Still Palestinians with Israeli citizenship (Jews call them ‘Arabs’, while Palestinians of the West Bank call them Palestinians-[19]48) went to vote and elected 13 MK, among them one great Jewish communist, Offer Cassif. This fraction could break the deadlock and save Israel from itself – if a Jewish party will break self-imposed taboo.

Source: The Israeli elections: Who Cares?, by Israel Shamir – The Unz Review

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