Higher Education As We Presently Know It Is Obsolete – Steven Yates

Pseudo-scholarship, Political Biases

Pseudo-scholarship is designed to look like scholarship but is not, because discovering and communicating truth is not its aim.

Flattering the political biases of journal editors is a way to get pseudo-scholarship into print. This can be done even if you don’t have the personal contacts.

Alan Sokal, a physicist, proved this with his infamous hoax back in the mid-1990s. He submitted an essay to Social Text, a leading journal of postmodernism. His article drew fake “connections” between quantum physics and postmodernist fashion supposedly casting doubt on the “objective knowability” of the “external world.”

His essay employed all the right jargon, made all the right political noises.

Social Text accepted it.

On the eve of its appearance, Sokal went public, announced the hoax, and “deconstructed” his own product as total BS.

Source: Higher Education As We Presently Know It Is Obsolete

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