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Lenin Moreno was elected Ecuadorian president in 2017 on a platform of continuing his predecessor’s popular agenda.

During his head of state tenure from January 2007 – May 2017, Rafeal Correa invested in healthcare, education, and other social programs.

He opposed loan shark of last resort IMF debt entrapment—obligating borrowing nations to grant Western corporations unrestricted market access, privatize state enterprises, institute mass layoffs, freeze or cut wages, slash social benefits, marginalize trade unionism, and crack down hard on nonbelievers.

Since taking office, Moreno betrayed Ecuadorians for Western and internal special interests—notably by instituting neoliberal harshness and privatizations, favoring privileged interests over the general welfare, letting inequality, poverty and unemployment soar.

Ecuadorians know they were betrayed. Last April, they marched en masse in Quito toward the presidential palace.

Displaying banners, saying: “Out with Moreno. Out with the traitor.”

Police accosted them violently.

Moreno sold his soul to the IMF, the US, and other Western interests—turning Ecuador’s social democracy into a police state, unsafe and unfit to live in for the vast majority of its people.

Source: Popular outrage against Ecuador’s Moreno | Intrepid Report.com

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