The invention of madmen – John Kaminski

To put it bluntly — you are not making your own choices. They are put into your head electronically and you don’t realize it. Principally by TV, now moreso from the Internet. Because we have all accepted the opinions of experts, there has been a tremendous shrinkage in what people can understand. They teach that vaccines and homosexuality are good for you; guns and freedom of speech are bad. People definitely cannot fend for themselves, and the forces that drive them toward their infantile ineptitude are anything but altruistic.

Through their control of complex technological devices, humans think they are smarter than they have ever been, but the opposite is true. All knowledge is now parked in an electronic box and all questions are answered by a worldwide data base, but how will you survive if suddenly the box doesn’t work? Short answer? You won’t.

No one can survive anymore without their technological devices, so should there be long lasting power outages, suicides will skyrocket.

You thought quitting smoking was hard. Wait til you try ditching your phone. Or worse — when they take it from you. As it already is in China, one day soon that will be your death sentence.

There is no more egalitarian democratically elected Congress; there are now only disguised CIA agents and other Jews masquerading as ordinary Americans but really working for the demented bankers who control the world and determine who winds up in which offices — and who winds up dead.

Most truly relevant information about our history has been twisted into fairy tales that benefit the very rich, the manipulators of society, and cover up the crimes they have committed. Only their prescribed programming has gotten through; the real information has either been warped, hidden or locked away in the basements of the Vatican and the Smithsonian.

People who have tried to tell the truth have been excluded from most mainstream versions of history, and their works have been assiduously erased. Many of these truthtellers have been murdered. In fact this is a regular and common occurrence among bankers, microbiologists, oncology doctors and those who try to tell the public about their government’s criminal activity.

This process happening today is not unlike the early Christian church viciously wiping out all other religions to control the way people thought, and claiming for itself ownership of the whole world during those memorable times Christians created after the fall of Rome that is now known as the Dark Ages.

And this rancid push by Democrats to open the borders and ruin America’s systems is a carbon copy of what the Republicans did at the close of the War Between the States when they registered all the blacks they supposedly freed from Confederate tyranny into the Republican party.

Today it’s Amazon, Google and Facebook eliminating all material the Jews don’t like as a way of controlling the minds of all the people in the world who, but for the Jews, would be healthy, happy and prosperous.

Instead we have a Jewish controlled police state staging fake acts of terror and real murders when necessary to convince the populace the guiding wisdom of their SWAT teams will rid us of all those trying to undermine their rancid Deep State version of paradise.

Source: The invention of madmen

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